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FM1062のメーカーはFudanです、この部品の機能は「Low Voltage Transmission Circuits」です。

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Low Voltage Transmission Circuits

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FM1062 Datasheet, FM1062 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Low Voltage Transmission Circuits
with Dialler Interface with EMC
May. 2008
FM1062/FM1062A Low voltage transmission circuits with dialler interface Ver2.1
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FM1062 pdf, ピン配列
Product Overview
The FM1062 and FM1062A are integrated circuits that perform all speech and line interface
functions required in fully electronic telephone sets. They perform electronic switching between
dialling and speech. The ICs operate at line voltage down to 1.6 V DC (with reduced performance)
to facilitate the use of more telephone sets connected in parallel. FM1062 / FM1062A improve the
EMC performance in-circuit which can enhance the telephone sets’ EMC.
‹ Low DC line voltage; operates down to 1.6 V (excluding polarity guard)
‹ Voltage regulator with adjustable static resistance
‹ Provides a supply for external circuits
‹ Symmetrical high-impedance inputs (64K) for dynamic, magnetic or piezoelectric
‹ Asymmetrical high-impedance input (32K) for electrets microphones
‹ DTMF signal input with confidence tone
‹ Mute input for pulse or DTMF dialling
FM1062: active HIGH (MUTE)
FM1062A: active LOW (MUTE)
‹ Receiving amplifier for dynamic, magnetic or piezoelectric earpieces
‹ Large gain setting ranges on microphone and earpiece amplifiers
‹ Line loss compensation (line current dependent) for microphone and earpiece
‹ Gain control curve adaptable to exchange supply
‹ DC line voltage adjustment facility
‹ enhanced EMC performance
FM1062/FM1062A Low voltage transmission circuits with dialler interface Ver2.1
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FM1062 電子部品, 半導体
Function Description
Supplies VCC, LN, SLPE, REG
Power for the IC and its peripheral circuits is usually obtained from the telephone line. The supply
voltage is derived from the line via a dropping resistor and regulated by the IC. The supply voltage
VCC may also be used to supply external circuits e.g. dialling and control circuits. Decoupling of the
supply voltage is performed by a capacitor between VCC and VEE. The internal voltage regulator is
decoupled by a capacitor between REG and VEE . The DC current flowing into the set is
determined by the exchange supply voltage Vexch, the feeding bridge resistance Rexch and the DC
resistance of the telephone line Rline.
At line currents below 9 mA the internal reference voltage is automatically adjusted to a lower value
(typically 1.6 V at 1 mA). This means that more sets can be operated in parallel with DC line
voltages (excluding the polarity guard) down to an absolute minimum voltage of 1.6 V. At line
currents below 9 mA the circuit has limited sending and receiving levels. The internal reference
voltage can be adjusted by means of an external resistor (RVA). This resistor when connected
between LN and REG will decrease the internal reference voltage and when connected between
REG and SLPE will increase the internal reference voltage.
Microphone Inputs MIC+ and MIC- and Gain Pins GAS1 and GAS2
The circuit has symmetrical microphone inputs. Its input impedance is 64kΩ (2 x 32k) and its
voltage gain is typically 52 dB (when R7 = 68k, see Figures 2 and 3). Dynamic, magnetic,
piezoelectric or electrets (with built-in FET source followers) can be used. The gain of the
microphone amplifier can be adjusted between 44 dB and 52 dB to suit the sensitivity of the
transducer in use. The gain is proportional to the value of R7 which is connected between GAS1
and GAS2.
Input MUTE (FM1062)
When MUTE is HIGH the DTMF input is enabled and the microphone and receiving amplifier inputs
are inhibited. The reverse is true when MUTE is LOW or open-circuit. MUTE switching causes only
negligible clicking on the line and earpiece output. If the number of parallel sets in use causes a
drop in line current to below 6 mA the speech amplifiers remain active independent to the DC level
applied to the MUTE input.
FM1062/FM1062A Low voltage transmission circuits with dialler interface Ver2.1
Free Datasheet

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Low Voltage Transmission Circuits


Low Voltage Transmission Circuits


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