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部品番号 MAX9979
部品説明 Dual 1.1Gbps Pin Electronics
メーカ Maxim Integrated
ロゴ Maxim Integrated ロゴ 

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MAX9979 Datasheet, MAX9979 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
19-4134; Rev 6; 8/11
Dual 1.1Gbps Pin Electronics with Integrated
PMU and Level-Setting DACs
General Description
The MAX9979 fully integrated, high-performance, dual-
channel pin electronics integrates multiple automatic test
equipment (ATE) functions into a single IC, including dri-
ver/comparator/load (DCL), parametric measurement unit
(PMU), and built-in (16-bit) level-setting digital-to-analog
converters (DACs). The device is ideal for memory and
SOC tester applications. Each channel includes a four-
level pin driver, window comparator, differential compara-
tor, dynamic clamps, a versatile PMU, an active load, a
high-voltage (VHH) programmable level, and 14 indepen-
dent level-setting DACs. The MAX9979 features program-
mable cable-droop compensation for the driver output
and for the comparator input, adjustable driver output
resistance that allows optimal performance over typical
data-path transmission-line variations, slew-rate adjust-
ment, and a programmable high-voltage driver output.
The MAX9979 driver features a wide 8V (-1.5V to +6.5V)
high-speed operating voltage range and a VHH program-
mable range of up to +13V. Operation modes include
high-impedance, active-termination (3rd-level drive) and
VHH (4th-level drive) modes. The device is highly linear
even at low voltage swings. The driver provides high-
speed differential control inputs compatible with most
high-speed logic families. The window comparators pro-
vide extremely low timing variation over changes in slew
rate, pulse width, and overdrive voltage. In high-imped-
ance mode, the MAX9979 features dynamic clamps that
dampen high-speed device-under-test (DUT) waveforms.
The 20mA active load facilitates fast contact testing when
used in conjunction with the comparators, and functions
as a pullup/pulldown for open-drain/collector DUT out-
puts. The PMU offers five current ranges from ±2μA to
±50mA and can force and measure current or voltage.
An SPI™-compatible serial interface configures the
The MAX9979 is available in a small footprint, 68-pin
(10mm x 10mm x 1mm) TQFN-EP-IDP package with
exposed pad on the top for easy heat removal. Power dis-
sipation is 1.2W per channel (typ) over the full operating
voltage range with the active load disabled. The
MAX9979 operates over an internal die temperature
range of +40°C to +100°C and provides a temperature
monitor output.
Memory ATE Testers
SOC ATE Testers
o High Speed: 1.1Gbps at 1VP-P
o Extremely Low Power Dissipation: 1.2W/Channel
(Active Load Disabled)
o Wide Voltage Range: -1.5V to +6.5V and Up to 13V
o Wide Voltage Swing Range: 50mVP-P to 13VP-P
o Low-Leak Mode: 10nA max
o Integrated Termination-on-the-Fly (3rd-Level
o Integrated VHH High Voltage (4th-Level Drive)
o Integrated Voltage Clamps
o Integrated 20mA Active Load
o Integrated Per-Pin PMU
o Integrated Level-Setting CALDACs
o Programmable Cable-Droop Compensation for
Both Driver Output and Comparator Input
o Programmable Driver Output Impedance
o Four Slew-Rate Settings for Driver Output
o Analog Measure Bus
o Very Low Timing Dispersion
o Minimal External Component Count
o SPI-Compatible Serial Control Interface
o 68-Pin Thermally Enhanced TQFN Package with
Top-Side Heat Removal
Ordering Information
0°C to +70°C 68 TQFN-EP-IDP*
+Denotes a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS-compliant package.
*EP-IDP = Exposed pad, inverted die pad.
Pin Configuration and Typical Operating Circuit appear at
end of data sheet.
SPI is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
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