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部品番号 STK672-630C-E
部品説明 2-phase Stepping Motor Driver
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STK672-630C-E Datasheet, STK672-630C-E PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Ordering number : ENA2115
Thick-Film Hybrid IC
2-phase Stepping Motor Driver
The STK672-630C-E is a hybrid IC for use as a unipolar, 2-phase stepping motor driver with PWM current control.
Office photocopiers, printers, etc.
Built-in opened motor pin detection function (output current OFF).
Built-in overcurrent detection function (output current OFF).
Built-in overheat detection function (output current OFF).
If opened motor pin, over-current, or overheat detection function is activated, the FAULT1 signal (active low) is
output. The FAULT2 signal is used to output the result of activation of protection circuit detection at 3 levels.
Built-in power on reset function.
The motor speed is controlled by the frequency of an external clock signal.
2 phase or 1-2 phase excitation switching function.
Using either or both edges of the clock signal switching function.
Phase is maintained even when the excitation mode is switched.
Rotational direction switching function.
Supports schmitt input for 2.5V high level input.
Incorporating a current detection resistor (0.141Ω: resistor tolerance ±2%), motor current can be set using two
external resistors.
The ENABLE pin can be used to cut output current while maintaining the excitation mode.
With a wide current setting range, power consumption can be reduced during standby.
No motor sound is generated during hold mode due to external excitation current control.
Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2013
June, 2013
82912HKPC 018-11-0049 No. A2115-1/26

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2-phase Stepping Motor Driver

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