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部品番号 MT7910
部品説明 High Brightness LED Driver
メーカ Maxic Technology
ロゴ Maxic Technology ロゴ 

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MT7910 Datasheet, MT7910 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
High Brightness LED Driver
The MT7910 is a hysteresis current mode control
LED driver IC. The MT7910 operates in constant
off-time mode. It allows efficient operation of
High Brightness (HB) LEDs from voltage sources
ranging from 14VDC up to 450VDC or 85VAC ~
265VAC. The MT7910 includes a PWM dimming
input that can accept an external control signal
with a duty ratio of 0 - 100% and a frequency of
up to a few kilohertz. It also includes a 0 - 245mV
linear dimming input which can be used both for
linear dimming and temperature compensation of
the LED current.
The MT7910 is ideally suited for buck LED
drivers. Since the MT7910 operates in hysteresis
current mode control, the controller achieves
good output current regulation without the need
for any loop compensation. Further, with Maxic
proprietary control technology (patent pending),
MT7910 achieves precision output current
accuracy from 85VAC ~ 265VAC. PWM dimming
response is limited only by the rate of rise and
fall of the inductor current, enabling very fast rise
and fall times.
Frequency jittering is used to reduce the EMI.
Proprietary constant-current control. Great
LED current accuracy.
Wide input range from 14VDC to 450VDC or
85VAC to 265VAC
Application from a few mA to more than 1A
Up to 92% efficiency
Up to hundreds of LEDs
Linear and PWM dimming capability
Requires few external components for
Temperature compensation to regulate LED
Embedded Over-temperature, LED open
circuit, LED short-circuit protection
SOP-8 package
DC/DC or AC/DC LED driver applications
RGB backlighting LED driver
General purpose constant current source
Signal and decorative LED lighting
E14/E27/PAR30/PAR38/GU10 LED lamp
MT7910 Rev. 2.0
Copyright © 2009 Maxic Technology Corporation
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High Brightness LED Driver

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