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部品番号 ET8001
部品説明 6-Channel precision amplifier
ロゴ OPTOLAB ロゴ 

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ET8001 Datasheet, ET8001 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
ET 8001
6-Channel precision amplifier with automatic hysteresis tracking function for encoders
Designed for optical encoders and
light barriers
Automatic Hysteresis monitoring and
tracking function generates precise
digital outputs
Phase stable outputs over a wide
range of conditions
No thermal drift or LED optical power
degradation problems from – 40° to
+85° C.
Optical Encoders absolute, multiturn,
Light barriers
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Ambient Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C *
Supply Voltage
4.0 V to 5.5 V
Output Drive Capability 4 mA
* extended temperature range up to 125°C
Package: SO16 small outline
Functional Description
The ET8001 solves one of the most common problems in the encoder world – the phase angle stability of the
digital outputs of an optical or magnetic al encoder under changing operating conditions.
During the lifetime of an encoder, the LED as a lightsource is degrading continuously.
At higher ambient temperatures the optical power output of an LED is up to 40% lower than it is at room
All these variations are unwanted, because they change the phase angle of the digital outputs. Thus, if the
encoder has i.e. 12 bit, the gray or binary „word“ can be siginificantly distorted ( please see table 1 ).
This problem has led to the “differential reading” of the tracks of the code disc. This method is unaffected by
light level changes – but very expensive to manufacture and difficult to maintain in absolute encoders.
To overcome these problems, OPTOLAB as a specialist in optical sensors for encoders for more than 12 years
has developed the ET8001. This integrated circuit does :
Light tracking
Automatic hysteresis control and setting
Error signal
For high performance optical or magnetical encoders
OPTOLAB Microsystems GmbH, Haarbergstr. 61, 99097 Erfurt / Germany, Tel.: ++49-361-422 906-0, Fax ++49-361-422 906 50
We reserve the right to make technical changes at any time without prior notice.
More detailed technical information can be supplied upon request.

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6-Channel precision amplifier

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