IXAN0065 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 IXAN0065
部品説明 Power MOSFET
メーカ IXYS
ロゴ IXYS ロゴ 

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IXAN0065 Datasheet, IXAN0065 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
IXYS Power MOSFET Datasheet Parameters Definition
Abdus Sattar, IXYS Corporation
IXYS provides datasheets with parameters that are essential and useful for
selecting the appropriate device as well as for predetecting its performance in an
application. The graphs included in the datasheet represent typical performance
characteristic and can be used to extrapolate from one set of operating conditions to
another. Power MOSFET generally contains a body diode, which provides “free
wheeling” operation in the inductive load switching. Figure 1 shows the equivalent
circuit for an N-Channel and a P-Channel Power MOSFET.
Figure 1: (a) an N-Channel (b) a P-Channel Enhancement-Mode Power MOSFET1
Essential Ratings and Characteristics
1. Maximum Ratings
The ratings are limiting values for a device and valid for the whole range of operating
1.1 Temperature
1.1.1 Junction Temperature TJ and TJM
The junction temperature (TJ ) range is -55 ~ 150oC in most cases and it is the
device’s permissible temperature range within which the device may be operated
continuously. The maximum junction temperature ( TJM ) is 150oC unless
otherwise specified (in some cases 175oC). Junction temperature varies electrical
parameters of Power MOSFET, for example, at very low temperature (< -55oC),
the device can loss its functionality and at very high temperature, the device’s
threshold voltage becomes very low and leakage current becomes very high. It
also can cause thermal run away within the device at very high value.
1.1.2 Storage Temperature TStg
It is the range of temperature for storage or transportation of the dev ice and it
must be between -55 ~ 150oC.
1.1.3 Lead Temperature TL
It is the maximum lead temperature during soldering and it must not exceed
300 oC for 10 seconds at 1/8” from the case.
1.2 Power Dissipation PD

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