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HC-SR04 Datasheet, HC-SR04 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
HC-SR04 User Guide
Part 1 Ultrasonic Introduction
1. 1 Ultrasonic Definition
The human ear can hear sound frequency around 20HZ ~ 20KHZ, and
ultrasonic is the sound wave beyond the human ability of 20KHZ .
1.2 Ultrasonic distance measurement principle
Ultrasonic transmitter emitted an ultrasonic wave in one direction, and started
timing when it launched. Ultrasonic spread in the air, and would return
immediately when it encountered obstacles on the way. At last, the ultrasonic
receiver would stop timing when it received the reflected wave. As Ultrasonic
spread velocity is 340m / s in the air, based on the timer record t, we can
calculate the distance (s) between the obstacle and transmitter, namely: s =
340t / 2, which is so- called time difference distance measurement principle
The principle of ultrasonic distance measurement used the already-known air
spreading velocity, measuring the time from launch to reflection when it
encountered obstacle, and then calculate the distance between the transmitter
and the obstacle according to the time and the velocity. Thus, the principle of
ultrasonic distance measurement is the same with radar.
Distance Measurement formula is expressed as: L = C X T
In the formula, L is the measured distance, and C is the ultrasonic spreading
velocity in air, also, T represents time (T is half the time value from transmitting
to receiving ).

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