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部品番号 HC320
部品説明 Controller
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HC320 Datasheet, HC320 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Controller HC320
Technical Information
* HC320 is a versatile controller with 2 independent limits
* Analogue input: 0(4)-20mA
* Zoomfunction: 100% at 10-20mA
* 2 relay outputs
* Optional max. or min. limits
* Start timer and reaction timers
* Hysteresis function on both limits
* Digital input: Optional active high or low
* Alarm blocking using digital input
Version 1.0
HC320 is generally used for the supervision of mA signals. The signal
may be delivered by a standard sensor with 4-20 mA output or from one
of our HCxxx transmitters. The HCxxx familiy consists of transmitters
for pH, O2, conductivity and temperature etc. Power consumption may
be supervised using the HC320 with one of our APM modules.
Analogue input
The analogue input is a current input, and may be set up to either 0-
20mA or 4-20mA. Futhermore, the input may be scaled to display 100%
down to 10mA.
Digital input
The HC320 may be configured to both positive and negative logic on
the digital inputs. Using parameter no. 10 the input may be set to either
active high og active low. With positiv logic the accepted input voltage
range is 5-30Vdc. Negative logic is achieved by connecting the input to
Gnd - i.e. by using a swicth.
Relay output
The unit contains two relays - one for each limit. The relays are both
connection relays, but the polarity may independently be inverted using
parameters no. 7 and no. 8. Alarms are reset by either pressing the ‘Mode’
key or by activating the external reset input, S1.
The HC320 integrates two limits. All settings for one limit may be alte-
red independently of the other. Each limit may be set up as a Max. or
Min. limit. The setpoint is set in % of the input range. The supervision
may be blocked by activating the S2 input.
Start timer (Ts)
The start timer may be used to avoid alarms during startup of an unstable
process. It is activated when the input reaches 5% . If the timer is set to
0 supervision is performed without using the start timer.
Reaction timers (Tr)
Each limit has a corresponding reaction timer used to avoid alarms if the
limits are exceeded for short periods of time.
Hysteresis may be activated on both limits. The Hysteresis band is always
placed above a Min. limit and below a Max. limit. If the hysteresis
function is used, an internal auto-reset function is activated. If the hys-
teresis function is used in combination with a Min. limit and the input
signal is 0, the alarm is reset by either pressing the ‘Mode’ key or by
activating the external reset input, S1 - no Auto reset will occur in this
Technical Specifications for HC320
Housing: Lexan UL94V-0 (Upper)
Power Supply:
24Vdc ±10%
Noryl UL94V-0 (Lower)
60 mA max
Mounting: M36 for 35 mm DIN rail
Input Current Range: (0)4-20mA, 70Ω
IP Class: Housing IP40. Connector IP20
Digital input:
Pos. logic: 5-30Vdc
Connector: Max 16A. Max 2,5 mm2
Neg. logic: 0V
Max torque 0,6 Nm
Input S1:
External reset
Temp.: -15 to +50 OC
Input S2:
Alarm block
Weight: 200 g
Relay spec.:
250Vac / 5A
Dimens.: D 58 x W 36 x H 86 mm
CE mark:

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