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部品番号 ET4344
部品説明 10-pin 24-Bit 192kHz Stereo D/A Converter
メーカ Etek Microelectronics
ロゴ Etek Microelectronics ロゴ 

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ET4344 Datasheet, ET4344 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
10-pin, 24-Bit, 192kHz Stereo D/A Converter
General Description
The ET4344 family members are complete, stereo digital-to-analog output systems including
interpolation,multi-bit D/A conversion and output analog filtering in a 10-pin package. The ET4344/5/6/8 support
all major audio data interface formats, and the individual devices differ only in the supported interface format.
The ET4344 family is based on a fourth order multi-bit delta-sigma modulator with a linear analog low-pass
filter. This family also includes auto-speed mode detection using both sample rate and master clock ratioas a
method of auto-selecting sampling rates between 2kHz and 200kHz.
The ET4344 family contains on-chip digital de-emphasis, operates from a single +3.3V or +5V power supply,
and requires minimal support circuitry. These features are ideal for DVD players & recorders, digital televisions,
home theater and set top box products, and automotive audio systems.
The ET4344 family is available in a 10-pin MSOP package in both Commercial (-10 to +85 °C) and
Automotive grades (-40 to +85 °C).
z Multi-bit Delta-Sigma Modulator
z 24-bit Conversion
z Automatically Detects Sample Rates up to 192kHz.
z 105 dB Dynamic Range
z -90 dB THD+N
z Low Clock-Jitter Sensitivity
z Single +3.3V or +5V Power Supply
z Filtered Line-Level Outputs
z On-chip Digital De-emphasis
z Popguard™ Technology
z PackageMSOP10ET4344U
Rev 1.0 2009-02-27

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10-pin 24-Bit 192kHz Stereo D/A Converter

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