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部品番号 EE56-VA25
部品説明 Air Velocity Switch

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EE56-VA25 Datasheet, EE56-VA25 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
EE55 Series
Air Velocity Switch for
HVAC Applications
The EE55 air velocity switch is designed for standard
HVAC applications with a switching threshold between
2 and 20 m/s (400...4000ft/min). It is based on the
innovative E+E thin film sensor working on the hot film
anemometer principle. This element is distinguished by
its outstanding accuracy over the whole working range
and its approved long term stability.
Moreover, the E+E sensor is much more insensitive to
dust and dirt than other anemometer principles. This
means high reliability and low maintenance costs.
EE55 consists of an interchangeable sensing probe and
a relay unit suitable for panel mounting. The
electronics integrated in the sensing probe allow a cable length up to 10m (32.8ft) to the relays unit and ensure
high immunity to electromagnetic perturbations.
Low angular dependence and an extension tube allows cost-effective, easy positioning of the sensing probe
in ducts with diameter between 50 and 630mm (1.9 and 24.8”). For smooth plant start-up there is the
possibility to set the delay time between 20 and 100 s.
Typical Applications
HVAC control
environmental control
compact case size
interchangeable sensing probe
easy setting of threshold and preset time
remote sensing probe up to 10m (32.8ft)
easy electric wiring
easy installation
Working Principle
The sensing probe, which can be supplied
with up to maximum 10m (32.8ft) cable, gives
a signal to the relay module which is propor-
tional to the air velocity. This value is com-
pared to the threshold value set on the front
panel of the air velocity switch. The relay is
released if the threshold is reached or exceed-
ed. To start without a hitch there are fixed and
variable time steps integrated.
When switching on the EE55 or in case of
short failure of the main supply > 300 ms (t3)
there is a delay of about 100 ms (t1) till the
relay is switched on. Independent of the true
value the relays remain in this state for a delay
time (t2) (adjustable) between 20 and 100 s.
Only after that the air velocity switch reacts to the TRUE and RATED VALUE. The reaction time is limited by
the response time (t4) of the sensor probe which is about 2 s. The described function is related to continous
operation, which is reached after a warm-up phase of approx. 3 min after applying the supply voltage.

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Air Velocity Switch

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