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部品番号 H6842P
部品説明 Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller
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H6842P Datasheet, H6842P PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Spec. No. : IC200803
Issued Date : 2008.09.10
Revised Date :
Page No. : 1/6
H6842P / H6842S
Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller
The H684 2 is a lo w startup cu rrent, lo w co st, curre n. mode PWM co ntroller with
8-Lead Plastic DIP-8
Package Code: P
Green-Power & burst- mode power-saving operation. The integrated functions such
as the leading-edge blanking of the current sensing, internal slope compensation
provide the users a high efficiency, low external component counts, and low cost
solution for A C/DC po wer app lications. The special Green-Power function provides
off-time modulation to linearly decrease the switching frequency under ight-load
conditions. And under zero-load conditions, the power supply enters burst-mode to
8-Lead Plastic SO-8
further reduce power consumption b y shutting off P WM output. When the output of
Package Code: S
power supply is short or over loaded, the FB voltage will increase, and if the FB
voltage is higher than 5.2V f or longer th an 56msec the PWM out put will be turned off.
A external NTC ressi tor connected from pin RT to ground can be applied to over- temperature protection. Pulse by
pulse current limit ensures a constant output current even under short circuit. PWM output will be disabled as long as
VDD exceeds a threshold. When internal latch circuit is us ed to latch-off the controller the latch wil be reset when
the power supply VDD is disabled
Low Cost, Green-Power Burst-Mode PWM
Very Low Start-up Current ( about 7.5uA)
Low Operating Current ( about 3.0mA)
Current Mode Operation
Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
VDD Over Voltage Protection(OVP)
programmable over-temperature protection
Internal Latch Circuit(OTP,OVP)
Built-in soft start with 1ms
Soft Clamped gate output voltage 16.5V
VDD over voltage protect 25.5V
Cycle-by-cycle current limiting
Output SCP (Short circuit Protection)
Built-in Synchronized Slope ompensation
Leading-edge blanking on Sense input
Programmable PWM Frequency
High-Voltage CMOS Process with ESD
DIP-8 & SOP-8 Pb-Free Package
Compatible with SG6842J&LD7552&
OB2269 & SG6841 & OB2268
Power Adaptor
Battery Charger Adapter
Ordering Information
Part Number
DIP-8, Pb-free in Tube
SOP-8, Pb-free in Tube
SOP-8,Pb-free in T/R
Open Frame Switching Power Supply
LCD Monitor
H6842P, H6842S
HSMC Product Specification

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Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller


Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller

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