H6850NF PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 H6850NF
部品説明 Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller
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H6850NF Datasheet, H6850NF PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Spec. No. : IC200912
Issued Date : 2009.07.15
Revised Date :
Page No. : 1/13
H6850 Series
Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller
With Low EMI Technique
z Low Cost, PWM&PFM&CRM (Cycle
Reset Mode)
z Low Start-up Current (about 3μA)
z Low Operating Current (about 1.2mA)
z Current Mode Operation
z Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
z Built-in Synchronized Slope
z Built-in Low EMI Technique
z Programmable PWM Frequency
z Audio Noise Free Operation
z Leading edge Blanking on Sense input
z Constant output power limiting for
universal AC input Range
z SOT-23-6 L SOP8 and DIP-8 Pb-Free
z Good Protection Coverage With Auto
z Compatible with SG6848 (6849) /
SG5701/SG5848/LD7535 (7550) /
OB2262 (2263)/OB22782279
z Complete Protection with
¾ Soft Clamped GATE output voltage
¾ VDD over voltage protect 34.0V
¾ Cycle-by-cycle current limiting
¾ Output SCP (Short circuit Protection)
¾ Output OLP (Over Load Protection)
¾ High-Voltage CMOS Process with ESD
z Switching AC/DC Adaptor
z Battery Charger
z Open Frame Switching Power Supply
z Standby Power Supplies
z Set-Top Box Power Supplies
z 384X Replacement
General Description
The H68 50 is a highly integrated low cost
current mode PWM controller, which is ideal
for small power cur rent mode of of fline
AC-DC fly- back converter applic ations.
Making use of external resistors, the IC
changes the operating frequency and
automatically enters the PFM/CRM ( Cycle
Reset Mode) und er light-load/zer o-load
conditions. This can minimize standby
power consumption and achieve powe r-
saving functions. With a very lo w st art-up
current, the H685 0 could use a large value
start-up resistor (2M).
Built-in synchronized slo pe compens ation
enhances the st ability of the syste m and
avoids sub-harmonic oscillation. D ynamic
peak current limiting circuit minimizes output
power chang e caused by delay time of the
system over a universal AC input range.
Leading edge blanking circuit on current
sense input could remove the signal glitch
due to snubber circuit diode reverse
recovery and thus greatly reduces the
external component count and system cost
in the design. Cycle-by-Cycle current
limiting ensures safe operation even during
Excellent EMI performance is achieved
built-in soft driver and low EMI technique.
The H68 50 offers perfect protection like
OVP(Over Voltage Prote ction)OLP(Over
Load Protection) SCP(Short circuit
protection)OTPSense Fault Protection
and OCP(Over current protection). The
H6850’s output driver is soft clamped to
maximum 18.0V to protect the power
MOSFET. H6850 is offered in SOT-23-6L,
SOT-8 and DIP-8 packages.
H6850P, H6850S,H6850NF
HSMC Product Specification

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Novel Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller

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