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部品番号 42BC-B1CRAL-T4
部品説明 Photoelectric Sensors
メーカ Allen-Bradley
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42BC-B1CRAL-T4 Datasheet, 42BC-B1CRAL-T4 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
PHOTOSWITCHR Photoelectric Sensors
42BC Long Range Background Suppression
The 42BC photoelectric sensor offers
high performance background
suppression performance at sensing
ranges up to 2m (6.6ft). This type of
sensing capability is desirable in
applications where standard transmitted
beam or retroreflective sensing is not
practical due to no easy access to both
sides of the target or when economics
is a major factor.
The 42BC photoelectric sensor uses a
triangulation method to mechanically
adjust the sensing angle, thereby,
ensuring reliable detection of the target
while ignoring the background. Using
the sensitivity adjustment on the top
cover, the desired sensing range can
be dialed in to meet the specific
The 42BC is available in either a 1m
(3.3ft) or 2m (6.6ft) sensing range. For
applications where the sensing
distances are much shorter use of the
RightSight background suppression
sensor is recommended. These
sensors offer a fixed 50mm (2in) and
100mm (4in) sensing range. Similar
long range sensing distances may be
solved with the 42BT photoelectric
sensor also. This sensor provides a
smaller package style for space critical
General Specifications
Unit Protection
Supply voltage
Current Consumption
Output short circuit (SS version only), reverse polarity, false pulse,
transient noise
12–24V DC
30mA maximum
Output Type NPN and PNP (DC version)
SPST N.O. relay (AC version)
Output Mode Light/dark operate selectable
Output Rating
Response Time
Housing Material
Lens Material
100mA@24V DC
3A@240V AC
20ms maximum (DC version)
30ms maximum (AC version)
LED Indicators See User Interface on page 1–130
Connection Types Screw terminal, 16 AWG (1.3mm2)
Supplied Accessories Right angle mounting bracket
Optional Accessories Cordsets, mounting brackets—see Section 5
Operating Environment NEMA 1, 12, 13 IP65 (IEC529)
Vibration 10–55Hz, 1mm amplitude, Meets or exceeds IEC 60947–5–2
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
30g with 1ms pulse duration, Meets or exceeds IEC 60947–5–2
–25_C to +55_C (–13_F to +131_F)
UL listed, CSA certified, and CE marked for all applicable directives
Long range background suppression
diffuse sensing mode
Adjustable range settings
Slim housing style
Highly visible LED Indicators
Screw terminal connections
Both NPN and PNP outputs (DC)
SPST relay output (AC)
Short-circuit protected outputs
General Information
Wiring Diagrams . . . . . . . . . page 1–130
Dimensions . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 1–130
Sensing Modes
Background Suppression . page 1–131
Quick-Disconnect Cables . . . page 5–1
Mounting Assemblies . . . . page 1–301
Replacement Cover . . . . . . page 1–305
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