HGLM-1063 PDF Data sheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 HGLM-1063
部品説明 Fibre Channel GBaud Optical Link Module
メーカ Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)
ロゴ Agilent(Hewlett-Packard) ロゴ 

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HGLM-1063 Datasheet, HGLM-1063 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Fibre Channel GBaud Optical
Link Module
Technical Data
• ANSI X3.230-1994 Fibre
Channel Standard
Compatible (FC-0)
• FCSI-301-Rev 1.0 “GBaud
Link Module Specification”
• Standard 20 Bit (1063 MBd),
TTL Interface
• Class I Laser Safety
• Single +5.0 V Power Supply
• Mass Storage System I/O
• Computer System I/O
• High Speed Peripheral
The HGLM-1063 Gigabaud
Optical Link Module, provides a
complete Fibre Channel FC-0
layer solution. The module meets
the requirements of the 100-M5-
SL-I physical link as defined by
the American National Standards
Institute (ANSI) X3.230-1994
Fibre Channel standard. The
HGLM-1063 is also compatible
with the Fibre Channel Systems
Initiative (FCSI) document
#FCSI-301-Rev 1.0 “Gigabaud
Optical Link Module”
The HGLM-1063 transmits and
receives 8b/10b encoded,
parallel, data in the 20 bit wide
format defined by the FCSI-301
document. The 20 bit wide data is
transmitted at 100MB/sec over a
serial fiber link and has the
capability to receive data at
100 MB/sec simultaneously. With
overhead, this translates to a
serial line rate of 1062.5 MBaud
transmitting and 1062.5 MBaud
receiving. The serial data link
uses a 780 nm laser transmitter
and photodiode. The optimum
fiber is 50/125 µm multimode
fiber (62.5/125 µm multimode
fiber can be used with degraded
performance) and attaches to the
HGLM-1063 via a duplex SC
As specified in the Fibre Channel
Standard, the HGLM-1063 is a
Class 1 laser safe device; the
transmitted optical signal shuts
down in the case of an open fiber
condition after a specific time
interval. The HGLM-1063
accomplishes this by monitoring
the transmitted optical power
levels, and the received optical
The HGLM-1063 is intended for
use in building adapter cards (or
equivalent devices) as shown in
Figure 1. The HGLM-1063 pro-
vides complete FC-0 functionality.
The HPFC-5000 provides the
FC-1 through FC-4 functions and
interfaces directly to the HGLM-
1063. Finally, a bus gasket is
used to connect the HPFC-5000
to the specific system bus in use.
This block diagram is meant only
to illustrate the basic Fibre
Channel functionality.
For proper operation, it is
necessary to connect the HGLM-
1063 to another HGLM-1063 (or
equivalent) in a full duplex
configuration as depicted in
Figure 3. This ensures proper
operation of the Open Fiber
Control circuitry and allows
proper link startup and
726 5964-6638E (4/96)

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Fibre Channel GBaud Optical Link Module

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