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RK3188 Datasheet, RK3188 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
RK3188Technical Reference ManualRev 1.2
Chapter 1 Introduction
RK3188 is a low power, high performance processor for mobile phones, personal
mobile internet device and other digital multimedia applications, and integrates
quad-core Cortex-A9 with separately NEONand FPU coprocessor.
Many embedded powerful hardware engines provide optimized performance for
high-end application. RK3188 supports almost full-format video decoder by
1080p@60fps, also support H.264/MVC/VP8 encoder by 1080p@30fps,
high-quality JPEG encoder/decoder, special image preprocessor and
Embedded 3D GPU makes RK3188 completely compatible with OpenGL ES2.0
and 1.1, OpenVG 1.1. Special 2D hardware engine with MMU will maximize
display performance and provide very smoothly operation.
RK3188 has high-performance external memory
interface(DDR3/LPDDR2/LVDDR3) capable of sustaining demanding memory
bandwidths, also provides a complete set of peripheral interface to support very
flexible applications as follows :
z 2 banks, 8bits/16bits Nor Flash/SRAM interface
z 4 banks, 8bits/16bits async Nand Flash,LBA Nand Flash and 8bits sync
ONFI Nand Flash, allup to 60bits hardware ECC
z Totally 2GB memory space for 2 ranks, 16bits/32bits DDR3-800,
LPDDR2-800, LVDDR3-800
z Totally 3-channels SD/MMC interface to support MMC4.41, SD3.0,
SDIO3.0 or eMMC
z Dual-channels TFT LCD interface with 4-layers , 2048x1536 maximum
display size
z One-channels, 8bits BT656 interface, 16bits BT601 DDR interface and
10bits/12bits raw data interface with image preprocessor
z Audio interface: one 2ch I2S/PCM interface and SPDIF tx interface
z One USB OTG 2.0 and one USB Host2.0 interface and HSIC interface
z 10M/100M RMII ethernet interface
z GPS interface
z High-speed ADC interface and TS stream interface
z Lots of low-speed peripheral interface : 5I2C, 4UART, 2SPI,4 PWM
This document will provide guideline on how to use RK3188 correctly and
efficiently. The chapter 1 and chapter 2 will introduce the features, block
diagram, signal descriptions and system usage of RK3188, the chapter 3
through chapter 45 will describe the full function of each module in detail.
1.1 Features
1.1.1 MicroProcessor
z Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor, a high-performance,
low-power and cached application processor
z Full implementation of the ARM architecture v7-A instruction set, ARM Neon
Advanced SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) support for accelerated
media and signal processing computation
z Superscalar, variable length, out-of-order pipeline with dynamic branch
High Performance and Low-power Processor for Digital Media Application
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