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部品番号 IR603
部品説明 Miniature Infrared Gas Sensors
メーカ SGX
ロゴ SGX ロゴ 

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IR603 Datasheet, IR603 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
IR600 Series
Miniature Infrared Gas Sensors for Hazardous Areas
Configured for carbon dioxide (IR601), hydrocarbons
(IR602, IR603) and acetylene (IR604)
Sensing ranges 0 - 2% vol. (opt. 0 - 5% vol.) for CO2, 0 -
100% LFL (opt. 0 - 100% vol.) for hydrocarbons
Diffused gas sampling via sinter
Low power
Reference channel for self-compensation
Special gold plated optical/gas cavity for stable signal
Operational in varying ambients of temperature,
pressure and humidity
Fast response
Rugged stainless steel construction
No moving parts
Resistance to corrosion
Immunity from ‘poisoning’
Reliable fail-safe operation
Low maintenance
Sealed preamplifier/buffer electronics
Compatible with SGX Sensortech TX600 circular
transmitter board and DX600 display board
Accessories available for field applications
ATEX certified II 2G Ex d IIC T5 Gb
(Ta = 20 to +60 °C)
CSA certified -- File 107498
The IR600 Series are designed to detect and monitor the
presence of CO2, methane, broadband hydrocarbons and
acetylene using the same non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
principle as used in the SGX Sensortech range of miniature
infrared gas sensors. Dual detector channels are used with
a reference for background compensation. A temperature
sensor is mounted for temperature compensation.
The IR601 is filtered specifically for CO2, whereas the IR602
and IR603 are cross-sensitive to a range of hydrocarbons.
The IR603 covers the wider range but has a slight response
to water vapour when the RH is high. The IR602 is filtered to
a narrower waveband, more specific to methane and shows
less response to the water levels typically found in mining
applications. The IR604 is narrowly filtered for acetylene,
but has some response to water due to the close proximity
of the water absorption bands. For more information, refer to
Infrared Sensor Application Note 1.
IR600 sensors are designed to be integrated with fixed gas
detection systems. Their construction is a stainless steel
flameproof enclosure with an integral stainless steel sinter
for the safe entry of the gases being tested.
Three types of mounting thread are available to allow easy
fixing to the junction box of the fixed system. On the front
face there is an external M46 thread for attaching optional
accessories for use in different applications. The three
accessories available are: Flow Cap, Weather Cap and
Quick Calibration Hood.
The IR600 Series incorporate an inbuilt and sealed
preamplifier/buffer that must be coupled directly to a
transmitter/display as typified by the SGX Sensortech
TX600 circular transmitter and display boards. The IR600
lead in/out terminates in an 8-pin connector.
The IR600 Series is certified by SIRA Certification Services,
EU Notified Body No. 0518.
Certificate number BAS01ATEX2110X certifies it as
flameproof equipment to EN60079-0:2006 (including
amendments A1 and A2) and EN60079-1:2007 subject to
the Instructions specific to hazardous area installations.
The IR600 Series is certified by CSA International for Class
1, Groups B, C and D hazardous locations for both Canada
and the USA.
Certification for Canada is as products in Class 4818 03 to
the requirements of CSA Standards C22.2 No. 30-M1986
and C22.2 No. 142-M1987 and is covered by File No.
The NDIR operating principles are described in the following
SGX Sensortech Infrared Sensor Application Notes,
available from the SGX Sensortech website:
Note 1: Background to NDIR Gas Sensing
Note 2: Signal Processing
Note 3: Software Design
Note 4: Electronics Design
Note 5: Determining Coefficients for Linearisation and
Temperature Compensation
Note 6: Advice for Using Infrared Gas Sensors in Mining
Data sheets for the recommended transmitter and display
are: A1A-TX600 and A1A-DX600.
SGX Sensortech (IS) Ltd Registered in England No. 08067077
A1A-IR600_Ser Version 7, September 2010
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Miniature Infrared Gas Sensors


Miniature Infrared Gas Sensors


Miniature Infrared Gas Sensors


Miniature Infrared Gas Sensors

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