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部品番号 ISL6256
部品説明 Highly Integrated Battery Charger
メーカ Intersil
ロゴ Intersil ロゴ 

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ISL6256 Datasheet, ISL6256 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Data Sheet
ISL6256, ISL6256A
September 14, 2010
Highly Integrated Battery Charger with
Automatic Power Source Selector for
Notebook Computers
The ISL6256, ISL6256A is a highly integrated battery charger
controller for Li-ion/Li-ion polymer batteries. High Efficiency is
achieved by a synchronous buck topology and the use of a
MOSFET, instead of a diode, for selecting power from the
adapter or battery. The low side MOSFET emulates a diode at
light loads to improve the light load efficiency and prevent
system bus boosting.
The constant output voltage can be selected for 2, 3 and 4
series Li-ion cells with 0.5% accuracy over-temperature. It can
also be programmed between 4.2V + 5%/cell and
4.2V - 5%/cell to optimize battery capacity. When supplying
the load and battery charger simultaneously, the input current
limit for the AC adapter is programmable to within 3%
accuracy to avoid overloading the AC adapter, and to allow
the system to make efficient use of available adapter power
for charging. It also has a wide range of programmable
charging current. The ISL6256, ISL6256A provides outputs
that are used to monitor the current drawn from the AC
adapter, and monitor for the presence of an AC adapter. The
ISL6256, ISL6256A automatically transitions from regulating
current mode to regulating voltage mode.
ISL6256, ISL6256A has a feature for automatic power source
selection by switching to the battery when the AC adapter is
removed or switching to the AC adapter when the AC adapter is
available. It also provides a DC adapter monitor to support
aircraft power applications with the option of no battery charging.
Ordering Information
(Notes 1, 2)
(Pb-free) DWG. #
ISL6256HRZ ISL 6256HRZ -10 to +100 28 Ld 5x5 QFN L28.5x5
ISL6256HAZ ISL 6256HAZ -10 to +100 28 Ld QSOP M28.15
ISL6256AHRZ ISL6256 AHRZ -10 to +100 28 Ld 5x5 QFN L28.5x5
ISL6256AHAZ ISL6256 AHAZ -10 to +100 28 Ld QSOP M28.15
1. Add “-T” suffix for tape and reel. Please refer to TB347 for details on
reel specifications.
2. These Intersil Pb-free plastic packaged products employ special Pb-
free material sets, molding compounds/die attach materials, and
100% matte tin plate plus anneal (e3 termination finish, which is
RoHS compliant and compatible with both SnPb and Pb-free
soldering operations). Intersil Pb-free products are MSL classified at
Pb-free peak reflow temperatures that meet or exceed the Pb-free
requirements of IPC/JEDEC J STD-020.
3. For Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL), please see device information
page for ISL6256, ISL6256A. For more information on MSL please
see techbrief TB363.
• ±0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy (-10°C to +100°C)
• ±3% Accurate Input Current Limit
• ±3% Accurate Battery Charge Current Limit
• ±25% Accurate Battery Trickle Charge Current Limit
• Programmable Charge Current Limit, Adapter Current
Limit and Charge Voltage
• Fixed 300kHz PWM Synchronous Buck Controller with
Diode Emulation at Light Load
• Overvoltage Protection
• Output for Current Drawn from AC Adapter
• AC Adapter Present Indicator
• Fast Input Current Limit Response
• Input Voltage Range 7V to 25V
• Support 2-, 3- and 4-Cells Battery Pack
• Up to 17.64V Battery-Voltage Set Point
• Control Adapter Power Source Select MOSFET
• Thermal Shutdown
• Aircraft Power Capable
• DC Adapter Present Indicator
• Battery Discharge MOSFET Control
• Less than 10µA Battery Leakage Current
• Supports Pulse Charging
• Pb-free (RoHS Compliant)
• Notebook, Desknote and Sub-notebook Computers
• Personal Digital Assistant
1 CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures.
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Low Cost Multi Chemistry Battery Charger Controller

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Intersil Corporation

Low Cost Multi Chemistry Battery Charger Controller

Intersil Corporation
Intersil Corporation

Highly Integrated Battery Charger Controller


Highly Integrated Battery Charger Controller

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