H616XP PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 H616XP
部品説明 Enhanced 8-Bit DSP Platform
メーカ Helios Semiconductor
ロゴ Helios Semiconductor ロゴ 

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H616XP Datasheet, H616XP PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Helios Semiconductor Inc.
Enhanced 8-bit DSP Platform
H616XP Series are powerful stereo music synthesizer controller IC and can play maximum 32 channel midi music.
There are 24 I/O ports and can store voice up to 170 seconds (6K sample rate). Equipped two (Left/Right audio) 16-bit
DAC and 1 speaker amplifier are for audio output.
„ Built-in 8-bits MCU core (JUPITER).
„ Built-in programmable sound generator(PSG)
„ Built-in voltage control oscillator with programmable PLL (VCO-PLL clock generator).
„ Internal system clock speed up to 45 MHz (max. 45 MHz at Vcc = 3.0V).
„ Operating voltage: 2.40V~3.60V (typ. 3.0V).
„ Operating current: 35mA (average operating current without audio load).
„ Built-in maximum 4Mbit (512K Bytes) OTP-ROM.
„ Built-in maximum 16Kbit (2048 Bytes) SRAM.
„ Equipped 2 EQ-OP for signal amplifier or filter.
„ Equipped 1 speaker amplifier ( 0.5W ).
„ Built-in 2-wired serial bus interface (I2C like , slave mode).
„ Built-in micro-controller interface ( 8-bit parallel interface ).
„ Equipped two (Left/Right audio) 16-bit DAC (voltage DAC) audio output.
„ Standby current: typ. 2.0µA (25°C).
The H616XP is based on Helios’s 8-bit MCU (JUPITER) and equipped a powerful programmable sound
generator (PSG) for processing sweet-sounding. In internal system bus, the MCU (JUPITER) features efficient addressing
register and memory timing control register to validate access the I/O registers, high speed working memory and program
code. The H616XP equipped two high-resolution 16-bit D/A for audio output and they support time-sharing mode for
processing up to 64-poly sounds ( normally 24-poly ).
There are many speech processing firmware library for 4-bit ADPCM, 1-bit ADM, and so on; since the H616XP has
built-in PSG, it also support high quality standard MIDI playing library and can play maximum 32-channel midi music.
The H616XP features 24 general purpose I/O pins and they can be individual bit programmed to input or output
mode and each I/O can be programmed to pull-up or not. The each I/O of port 0 can be programmed to select interrupt
source and the interrupt signal can be falling or rising trigger.
As the MCU’s high performance and system clock speed is up to 45 MHz, the H616XP features the VCO and PLL
clock system, and the system clock is programmable. Since the system clock is programmable, the H616XP can be more
flexible for playing sound by configure the PSG’s function and system clock.
There are two 8-bit timers, each timer is base on 8-bit up counter, 8-bit reload data, and base clock pre-scale.
Usually, the timer can be configured to speech sample frequency.
The H616XP also supports two device interface, one is 2-wired serial bus (I2C like), and the other is 8-bit parallel
MCU control interface. To configure these two interface to set H616XP being slave mode and communicate with the other
host controller.
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Enhanced 8-Bit DSP Platform

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