IXA531 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 IXA531
部品説明 500mA 3-Phase Bridge Driver
メーカ IXYS
ロゴ IXYS ロゴ 

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IXA531 Datasheet, IXA531 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
500mA 3-Phase Bridge Driver
Preliminary Data Sheet
Fully operational to +650V
• Tolerant of negative transient voltages
• dV/dt immune (50V/ns)
• Latch-up protected over entire operating range
• Fault-current shutdown for all drive outputs
• User selectable delay or latching function for
clearing of the FAULT signal, independent
user controlled clearing of the FAULT signal
is also available
• UVLO protection for all drive outputs
• Enable signal capable of disabling all driver outputs
• 3 half-bridge driver pairs (independent)
• 3.3V logic compatible
• Cross-conduction prevention logic,
220 ns - 360ns Phase leg deadtime
• Peak output current: 600mA Pull-up/Source,
600mA Pull-down/Sink
• Wide operating supply voltage range: 8.0V to 35V
• Capacitive load drive capability: 1250pF in < 100ns
• Matched, low propagation delay times
• Low supply current
• Monolithic construction
• Fault monitoring is accompanied by a FLT
signal indication, with programmable reset or user
selectable latched protection
• Target package power dissipation capability is 2.0W.
• Full level of function available from -55°C to + 125°C
Available in 48-Lead 7mm x 7mm MLP Quad
package and 44-Lead PLCC package
General Description
The IXA531 is a monolithic, 3-phase, MOSFET/IGBT
gate driver consisting of three independent, high and low
side output channels. In addition to the six inputs,
which are CMOS/TTL Compatible, for the three
corresponding high side and three low side outputs,
there are dedicated lines for FAULT, ENABLE and
RESET. Overload/Short Circuit protection is
implemented by sensing a voltage across a shunt or low
value resistor which carries load current. Upon
Overload/Short Circuit detection, all outputs are
disabled. Likewise ENABLE (EN) pin, when LOW under
abnormal operating conditions, affords soft shut down of
outputs. FAULT(FLT) signal‘s status indicates that shut
down has occurred either due to Overload/Short Circuit
in driven MOSFET/IGBT or Under Voltage on VCL.
Clearing of FAULT (FLT) signal and restoration of
normal operation ensue automatically after a
programmed delay using an RC Network wired at RST
(RESET) pin. Matched propagation delays ensure
proper operation even at very high switching
frequencies. Absence of cross conduction in output
stages removes possibility of shoot through in driven
power MOSFETs or IGBTs.
• Driving MOSFETs and IGBTs in half-bridge circuits
• High voltage, high side and low side drivers
• Motor Controls
• Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
• DC to DC Converters
• Class D Switching Amplifiers
Ordering Information
44L - PLCC
Copyright © IXYS CORPORATION 2005
Warning: The IXA531 is ESD sensitive.
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500mA 3-Phase Bridge Driver

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