IN16C1054 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 IN16C1054
部品説明 Quard Uart
メーカ IK Semicon
ロゴ IK Semicon ロゴ 

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IN16C1054 Datasheet, IN16C1054 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Quard Uart with 256-Byte FIFO
1. Functional Description
IN16C1054 is a quad UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) with 256-byte FIFO supporting maximum
communication speed of 5.3Mbps. It offers flow control function by hardware or software and signal lines which can open
or close the Tx/Rx input/output when communicating by RS-422 or RS-485. It can handle four interrupt signals (INT0,
INT1, INT2 and INT3) with one global interrupt signal line (GINT) and offers a new ‘Xoff re-transmit’ function in addition to
Xon any character.
UART can convert 8-bit parallel data to asynchronous serial data and vice versa. It can transmit 5 to 8-bit letters, program
I/O interrupt trigger level and has 256-byte I/O data FIFO.
www.DaUtAaRShTeceat4nUg.ceonmerate any baud rate using clock and programmable divisor, transmit data with even, odd or no parity and 1,
1.5, 2 stop bit, and detect break, idle, framing error, FIFO overflow and parity error in input data.
UART has a software interface for modem controlling.
IN16C1054 offers TQFP80 and PLCC68 packages.
2. Features
4 Channel UART
3.3V Operation
5V Tolerant Inputs
Pin-to-pin Compatible with Industry Standard
SB16C554 with Additional
Up to 5.3 Mbps Baud Rate (Up to 85 MHz Oscillator
Input Clock)
256-byte Transmit FIFO
256-byte Receive FIFO with Error Flags
Industrial Temperature Range (-20 to +85 )
Programmable and Selectable Transmit and
Receive FIFO Trigger Levels for DMA
and Interrupt Generation
Software (Xon/Xoff) / Hardware (RTS#/CTS#) Flow
- Programmable Xon/Xoff Characters
- Programmable Auto-RTS and Auto-CTS
Global Interrupt Mask/Poll Control
Optional Data Flow Resume by Xon Any Character
Optional Data Flow Additional Halt by Xoff Re-
transmit Control
RS-422 Point to Point/Multi-Drop Control
RS-485 Echo/Non Echo Control
DMA Signaling Capability for Both Received and
Transmitted Data
Software Selectable Baud Rate Generator
Prescaler Provides Additional Divide-by-4 Function
Fast Data Bus Access Time
Programmable Sleep Mode
Programmable Serial Interface Characteristics
- 5, 6, 7, or 8-bit Characters
- Even, Odd, or No Parity Bit Generation and
- 1, 1.5, or 2 Stop Bit Generation
False Start Bit Detection
Line Break Generation and Detection
Fully Prioritized Interrupt System Controls
Modem Control Functions (RTS#, CTS#, DTR#,
DSR#, DCD#, and RI#)
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