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部品番号 IK3301
部品説明 Triple DC to DC Converter Control IC
メーカ IK Semicon
ロゴ IK Semicon ロゴ 

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IK3301 Datasheet, IK3301 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Triple DC to DC Converter Control IC for CCD Image sensor
IK3301 is to be used as power supply control IC for the system that is based on CCD image sensor. IK3301
supplies all the voltages that are needed to operate CCD image sensor, 15V, 5V and –8V, with excellently
controlled ripple voltage. The typical power efficiency of this device is 80% at a standard load current. Due
to the high power efficiency, the heat dissipation is suppressed, which can be fatal to the image quality of
CCD sensor. Excellent voltage ripple and suppressed heat dissipation will be very beneficial for the CCD
system that needs high image quality.
• Built-in 3-Channel Voltage Output Option : 15V / 5.0V / -8V, 12V / 3.3V / -8V
• PWM Method
• High Power Efficiency (80%)
• Low Heat Dissipation
• 9~18V Wide Operating Voltage
• Very Low Ripple Voltage Noise (less than 20mV)
• High Driving Current (300mA@Vout 3.3V or 5.0V)
• Small Package Size :16pin MLP (QFN)
• Simple and Low Cost External Circuit
• Built-in Protection Circuit for External Damage
• B/W CCD Camera System
• Color CCD Camera System
• Other CCD Image Sensor Power Supply
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Triple DC to DC Converter Control IC

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