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部品番号 36VF1601C-70-4C-EK
部品説明 SST36VF1601C
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36VF1601C-70-4C-EK Datasheet, 36VF1601C-70-4C-EK PDF,ピン配置, 機能
16 Mbit (x8/x16) Dual-Bank Flash Memory
SST36VF1601C / SST36VF1602C
SST36VF1601C / 1602C16Mb (x8/x16) Dual-Bank Flash Memory
Data Sheet
• Organized as 1M x16 or 2M x8
• Dual Bank Architecture
– 16 Mbit Bottom Sector Protection
- SST36VF1601C: 12 Mbit + 4 Mbit
– 16 Mbit Top Sector Protection
- SST36VF1602C: 4 Mbit + 12 Mbit
• Single 2.7-3.6V for Read and Write Operations
• Superior Reliability
– Endurance: 100,000 cycles (typical)
– Greater than 100 years Data Retention
• Low Power Consumption:
– Active Current: 6 mA typical
– Standby Current: 4 µA typical
– Auto Low Power Mode: 4 µA typical
• Hardware Sector Protection/WP# Input Pin
– Protects the 4 outermost sectors (8 KWord)
in the larger bank by driving WP# low and
unprotects by driving WP# high
• Hardware Reset Pin (RST#)
– Resets the internal state machine to reading
array data
• Byte# Pin
– Selects 8-bit or 16-bit mode
• Sector-Erase Capability
– Uniform 2 KWord sectors
• Chip-Erase Capability
• Block-Erase Capability
– Uniform 32 KWord blocks
• Erase-Suspend / Erase-Resume Capabilities
• Security ID Feature
– SST: 128 bits
– User: 128 bits
• Fast Read Access Time
– 70 ns
• Latched Address and Data
• Fast Erase and Program (typical):
– Sector-Erase Time: 18 ms
– Block-Erase Time: 18 ms
– Chip-Erase Time: 35 ms
– Program Time: 7 µs
• Automatic Write Timing
– Internal VPP Generation
• End-of-Write Detection
– Toggle Bit
– Data# Polling
– Ready/Busy# pin
• CMOS I/O Compatibility
• Conforms to Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI)
• JEDEC Standards
– Flash EEPROM Pinouts and command sets
• Packages Available
– 48-ball TFBGA (6mm x 8mm)
– 48-lead TSOP (12mm x 20mm)
– Non-Pb (lead-free) packages available
• All non-Pb (lead-free) devices are RoHS compliant
The SST36VF1601C and SST36VF1602C are 1M x16 or
2M x8 CMOS Read/Write Flash Memory manufactured
with SST’s proprietary, high performance CMOS Super-
Flash technology. The split-gate cell design and thick oxide
tunneling injector attain better reliability and manufacturabil-
ity compared with alternate approaches. The devices write
(Program or Erase) with a 2.7-3.6V power supply and con-
form to JEDEC standard pinouts for x8/x16 memories.
Featuring high performance Program, these devices pro-
vide a typical Program time of 7 µsec and use the Toggle
Bit, Data# Polling, or RY/BY# to detect the completion of
the Program or Erase operation. To protect against inad-
vertent write, the devices have on-chip hardware and Soft-
ware Data Protection schemes. Designed, manufactured,
and tested for a wide spectrum of applications, these
devices are offered with a guaranteed endurance of 10,000
cycles. Data retention is rated at greater than 100 years.
These devices are suited for applications that require con-
venient and economical updating of program, configura-
tion, or data memory. For all system applications, the
devices significantly improve performance and reliability,
while lowering power consumption. Since for any given
voltage range, the SuperFlash technology uses less cur-
rent to program and has a shorter erase time, the total
energy consumed during any Erase or Program operation
is less than alternative flash technologies. These devices
also improve flexibility while lowering the cost for program,
data, and configuration storage applications.
©2006 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
The SST logo and SuperFlash are registered trademarks of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
These specifications are subject to change without notice.

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