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部品番号 8WA1xxx
部品説明 ALPHA FIX Terminal Blocks
メーカ Siemens
ロゴ Siemens ロゴ 

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8WA1xxx Datasheet, 8WA1xxx PDF,ピン配置, 機能
ALPHA Distribution Boards and Terminal Blocks
ALPHA FIX terminal blocks
8WA1 screw-type terminal
8WA1 terminal block
Reliable thanks to proven
screw connection
Technology proven in practice
• Terminals closed on both sides dis-
pense with the need for end plates
• Terminals are stable – ideal for use
with electrical screwdrivers
• Symmetrical structure dispenses
with the need to align the termi-
nals before fitting onto the 35 mm
rail conforming to DIN EN 60715
• Thanks to a flexible terminal body,
there is no need to retighten the
terminal screws
• Save time and money with fix
combination of terminal blocks
• Robust terminal structure
The ALPHA FIX 8WA1 screw-type terminal is accepted the world over and
is fitted in almost all areas.
If you opt for the proven screw-type terminal, the ALPHA FIX 8WA1 termi-
nal blocks are a good choice. They‘re insulated on both sides and closed at
both ends. That stabilizes the terminal block so end plates are unnecessary,
allowing you to significantly reduce your inventory.
The clamping parts are designed so that the tensile stress that occurs
when the clamping screws are tightened deform the clamping parts
elastically. This compensates for any creeping of the clamped conductor.
The deformation of the screwed part prevents the clamping screw from
loosening, even under heavy mechanical and thermal stress.

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ALPHA FIX Terminal Blocks

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