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部品番号 UP550
部品説明 Program Controller
メーカ Yokogawa
ロゴ Yokogawa ロゴ 

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UP550 Datasheet, UP550 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
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GS 05E01C02-01E
Model UP550
Program Controller
s General
Model UP550 Program Controller can store up to 30
program patterns, and has a powerful control capability and
the user-friendly large numerical display. The UP550 features
as standard many functions which are necessary for various
control applications, and all of these functions such as
program setting function, control function, control computa-
tion function, signal computation function, etc. can be
configured by using the keys on the front panel. The
instrument has five types of control strategies, and also an
overshoot suppressing function "SUPER" and a heating
suppressing function "SUPER 2" built in as standard, as
well as an auto-tuning function.
s Main Features
• Extra-large digital display allows the indicated values to be
read even from a long distance. LEDs of 20 mm height are
used for the process variable display.
This is a five-digit display for heigher resolution.
• User-friendly, full-dot LCD display, capable of showing
not only control setpoints (SPs) and parameters but also
program patterns and deviation (DV) trend logs.
• Program setting function with storage capacity for up to 30
program patterns and 300 program segments, allowing the
controller to be used for a wide range of heat-treatment
• Five types of control function, including single-loop
control, cascade control, loop control with PV auto-
selector, enabling the operator to start control operation
immediately after simply entering the settings.
• The program pattern-2 retransmission function outputs a
program pattern by way of the retransmission output. This
function is used in combination with retransmission output
setup parameter RET 1 or RET 2, for which program
pattern-2 should selected, and is used for pattern
transmission to another instrument(available for UP made
1, 2, 6 or 7).
• Parameters and program patterns can be easily set using a
personal computer. ("Parameter setting tool (model
LL100)" sold separately is required.)
• Universal input and output enables users to set or change
freely the type of measured inputs, measurement input
range, type of control output, etc. from the front panel.
• Contact inputs (up to 7 points) and contact outputs (up to 7
points) can be employed and functions can be assigned to
each contact (the maximum number of points varies
depending on the specification code), with one additional
contact input available by specifying the appropriate suffix
code. (Contact outputs can be increased up to eight; see
"Number of Event/Alarm Outputs" on page 2 or "Contact
Outputs" on page 7.)
• Various communication function are provided. Communi-
cation is possible with personal computer, programable
logic controller, and other controllers.
“E” indicates with the
model with expanded
s Functional Specifications
q Program Setting Function
The program setting function increases or decreases the value
of a target setpoint (SP) according to a given program pattern
that varies with time. The controller stores two or more
program patterns and the operator can switch between them
according to the operating status. Each program pattern
consists of multiple line segments (program segments). The
operator sets the time interval of each program segment using
the segment time or slope. The operator can also set such
instructions as the number of repeats, start/stop, and status
output (event output) for a given program pattern.
Number of program patterns: 30 maximum
Number of program segments per pattern: 99 maximum
Number of program segments: 300 maximum (sum of
segments for all program patterns)
Configurable number of events: 400 maximum (sum of
events for all program patterns)
Number of program repeats:
999 maximum, or unlimited repeats.
Segment time: 0 minute 0 s to 59 minute 59 s, or 0 h 0
minute to 99 h 59 minute.
Start/stop of program pattern:
Program patterns can be started (RUN),
stopped (RESET), paused (hold) or advanced
by means of contact inputs or from instrument
Switching between program patterns:
Achieved by contact inputs or from instrument
Target setpoint (SP)
Segment time
t1 t2
Segment Segment
No. 1 No. 2
Example of Program Pattern
No. 5
GS 05E01C02-01E
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2nd Edition Jul. 2004 (YK)

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