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HE300 Datasheet, HE300 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
120 VAC
1‡, 2W
x Industrial/Commercial Version
x MOV Circuit Design
x Made in America utilizing
American Components
x Cost Effective
x Reliable Solid-State Protection
x Maintenance Free
x Molded Plastic Case
x Threaded 1/2" NPT conduit nipple with locknut
x 18 " Stranded 12 AWG color coded leads
x Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
x Automatic Recovery, Self Restoring
The HE300 is a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) based hardwired Secondary Surge Arrester, often referred to as a
Lightning Arrester. The device is designed to protect electrical equipment from damaging effects of Spikes (+) and
Notches (-) caused by lightning, utility switching, insulation arcing, electrical motor cycling, and other large or sudden
changes in electrical power flow on incoming AC power lines.
The HE300 is a single phase, two wire, arrester intended to protect 120 VAC systems. The epoxy encapsulated
arrester is designed to be easily installed in any position indoors or outdoors utilizing the integral 1/2" threaded nipple
and supplied metal lock nut.
The housing is molded from flame retardant plastic that is both weather and UV resistant, and complies with the UL
standard for strength and flame resistance properties. The arrester is sealed with UL component recognized epoxy
potting compound. The HE300 has three 18" long, 12 AWG multi-stranded leads that are color coded for ease of
The HVPSI HE300 is ideal protection for outdoor lighting and pole lamps, panelboards, oilfield pumps, workshops,
irrigation and sump pumps, refrigeration systems, farm equipment including milking machines and poultry processing
equipment, electric motors and controls, heat pumps and air conditioning equipment and many other electrical
The HE300 utilizes a single MOV per pole to reduce the potential load balancing/sharing problems during operation.
UL listed versions :
HE500 120/240V, Single Phase, Three Wire, Industrial/Commercial Version.
HE510 120/240V, Single Phase, Three Wire, Residential Version.
HE1203 120/208V, Three Phase, Four Wire, Industrial/Commercial Version.
HE4803 277/480V, Three Phase, Four Wire, Industrial/Commercial Version.
Rev 2, Aug 2007
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