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部品番号 UP6161
部品説明 Single 12V Input Supply Dual Regulator Synchronous Buck PWM and Linear Regulator Controller
メーカ UPI
ロゴ UPI ロゴ 

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UP6161 Datasheet, UP6161 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Single 12V Input Supply Dual Regulator -
Synchronous-Buck-PWM and Linear-Regulator Controller
General Description
The uP6161 integrates a high performance synchronous-
rectified buck controller and a linear-regulator controller.
This part works with a single +12V supply voltage and
delivers two high quality output voltages for both processing
unit and memory unit. An internal linear regulator provides
optimum 9V drive voltage for efficiency and thermal
The buck controller features internal MOSFET drivers that
supports bootstrapped voltage for high efficiency power
conversion. The bootstrap diode is built-in to simplify the
circuit design and minimize external part count. It
incorporates simple, single feedback loop, voltage-control
with fast transient response.
The linear controller drives an external N-Channel MOSFET
with under voltage protection during both soft start and
normal operation.
Other features include adjustable operation frequency,
internal soft start, under voltage protection, adjustable over
current protection and shutdown function. With the above
function, this part provides customers a compact, well
protected and cost-effective solution. This part is available
in SOP-14 and QFN3x3 -16L packages.
† Power Supplies for Microprocessors or
Subsystem Power Supplies
† Cable Modems, Set Top Boxes, and DSL
† Industrial Power Supplies; General Purpose
† 12V Input DC-DC Regulators
† Low-Voltage Distributed Power Supplies
† Operate with Single 12V Supply
† Self-Regulated 9V Drive Voltage
† Integrated Boot Diode
† Provide Two Regulated Voltages
† One Synchronous-Rectified Buck Controller
† One Linear Controller
† Both Controllers Drive N-Channel MOSFETs
† Smaller Converter Size
† Excellent Output Voltage Regulation
† 1.5% for Buck Controller
† 2% for Linear Controller
† Simple Single-Loop Control Design
† Voltage-Mode PWM Control
† Fast Transient Response
† High-Bandwidth Error Amplifier
† Lossless, Programmable Overcurrent Protection
† Uses Lower MOSFET R
† Adjustable Frequency from 150kHz to 1MHz
† Internal Soft Start for Both Outputs
† Under Voltage Protection for Both Outputs
including Soft Start Cycle
† SOP-14 and QFN3x3-16 packages
† RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead Free
Ordering Information
Order Number Package Type
uP6161S14 SOP - 14
QFN3x3 - 16
Note: uPI products are compatible with the current IPC/
JEDEC J-STD-020 and RoHS requirements. They are 100%
matte tin (Sn) plating and suitable for use in SnPb or Pb-
free soldering processes.
uPI Semiconductor Corp.,
Rev. P00, File Name: uP6161-DS-P0001

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Single 12V Input Supply Dual Regulator Synchronous Buck PWM and Linear Regulator Controller

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