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部品説明 MA4P7006F
メーカ M/A-COM
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4P7006F Datasheet, 4P7006F PDF,ピン配置, 機能
PIN Diodes
q High Power Handling
q Low Loss, Low Distortion
q Voltage Ratings to 1000 Volts
q Passivated PIN Chip – Full Face Bonded
q Hermetically Sealed
q Low Inductance Axial Lead, and SMQ
Surface Mount Package Options
q Available as Chips
M/A-COM’s HIPAX PIN diodes are designed for service in
switch and attenuator applications requiring high power
handling and low distortion. HIPAX PIN diodes incorpo-
rate a fully passivated PIN diode chip resulting in
extremely low reverse leakage current. all high voltage
HIPAX PIN diodes are specified at 1 µA reverse current at
the voltage rating. The chip is full face bonded to refrac-
tory metal pins on both anode and cathode. The result is
a low loss PIN diode with low thermal resistance due to
symmetrical thermal paths.
HIPAX PIN diodes are packaged in hermetically sealed
ceramic enclosures at temperatures exceeding 300°C.
Package options include: axial leaded and surface mount
packages that have a square, nonrollable outline.
The semiconductor technology utilized in the HIPAX
family draws on M/A-COM’s substantial experience in
PIN diode design. This results in thick intrinsic region
PIN diodes specified with low resistance, low capacitance
and long carrier lifetime parameters.
SMQ Square Outline Surface Mount
The surface mount HIPAX PIN diode is available in
M/A-COM’s unique, square outline, non-rollable SMQ
package design. The SMQ package eases automatic pick
and place indexing and assembly.
MA4P HIPAX™ Series
Case Styles
HIPAX PIN diodes are designed for use in a wide variety
of switch and attenuator applications from HF through
UHF at power levels beyond 1 kW CW. These diodes
have been comprehensively characterized to ensure pre-
dictable performance.
Design Recommendations
1. Low Distortion Attenuators: MA4P4301B
2. Surface Mount Switches: MA4P7101F
3. Cellular Radio Antenna Switches:
MA4P1200, MA4P1250
Environmental Capability
HIPAX PIN diodes are appropriate for use in military,
industrial and commercial applications. They are capable
of meeting the environmental requirements of
MIL-STD-750 and MIL-STD-202. HIPAX PIN diodes are
capable of HTRB screening at 80% of voltage rating at
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
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