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部品番号 49LF004A
部品説明 SST49LF004A
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49LF004A Datasheet, 49LF004A PDF,ピン配置, 機能
2 Mbit / 3 Mbit / 4 Mbit / 8 Mbit Firmware Hub
SST49LF002A / SST49LF003A / SST49LF004A / SST49LF008A
www.DataShSeSeTt449ULF.c0o02mA / 003A / 004A / 008A2 Mb / 3 Mb / 4 Mb / 8 Mb Firmware Hub for Intel 8xx Chipsets
Advance Information
• Firmware Hub for Intel 8xx Chipsets
• 2 Mbit, 3 Mbit, 4 Mbit, or 8 Mbit SuperFlash
memory array for code/data storage
– SST49LF002A: 256K x8 (2 Mbit)
– SST49LF003A: 384K x8 (3 Mbit)
– SST49LF004A: 512K x8 (4 Mbit)
– SST49LF008A: 1024K x8 (8 Mbit)
• Flexible Erase Capability
– Uniform 4 KByte Sectors
– Uniform 16 KByte overlay blocks for
– Uniform 64 KByte overlay blocks for
– Top Boot Block protection
- 16 KByte for SST49LF002A
- 64 KByte for SST49LF003A/004A/008A
– Chip-Erase for PP Mode Only
• Single 3.0-3.6V Read and Write Operations
• Superior Reliability
– Endurance:100,000 Cycles (typical)
– Greater than 100 years Data Retention
• Low Power Consumption
– Active Read Current: 6 mA (typical)
– Standby Current: 10 µA (typical)
• Fast Sector-Erase/Byte-Program Operation
– Sector-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical)
– Block-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical)
– Chip-Erase Time: 70 ms (typical)
– Byte-Program Time: 14 µs (typical)
– Chip Rewrite Time:
SST49LF002A: 4 seconds (typical)
SST49LF003A: 6 seconds (typical)
SST49LF004A: 8 seconds (typical)
SST49LF008A: 15 seconds (typical)
– Single-pulse Program or Erase
– Internal timing generation
• Two Operational Modes
– Firmware Hub Interface (FWH) Mode for
in-system operation
– Parallel Programming (PP) Mode for fast
production programming
• Firmware Hub Hardware Interface Mode
– 5-signal communication interface supporting
byte Read and Write
– 33 MHz clock frequency operation
– WP# and TBL# pins provide hardware write
protect for entire chip and/or top Boot Block
– Block Locking Register for all blocks
– Standard SDP Command Set
– Data# Polling and Toggle Bit for End-of-Write
– 5 GPI pins for system design flexibility
– 4 ID pins for multi-chip selection
• Parallel Programming (PP) Mode
– 11-pin multiplexed address and
8-pin data I/O interface
– Supports fast In-System or PROM programming
for manufacturing
• CMOS and PCI I/O Compatibility
• Packages Available
– 32-lead PLCC
– 32-lead TSOP (8mm x 14mm)
The SST49LF00xA flash memory devices are designed
to be read-compatible with the Intel 82802 Firmware Hub
(FWH) device for PC-BIOS application. It provides pro-
tection for the storage and update of code and data in
addition to adding system design flexibility through five
general purpose inputs. Two interface modes are sup-
ported by the SST49LF00xA: Firmware Hub (FWH)
Interface Mode for In-System programming and Parallel
Programming (PP) Mode for fast factory programming of
PC-BIOS applications.
The SST49LF00xA flash memory devices are manufac-
tured with SST’s proprietary, high performance Super-
Flash Technology. The split-gate cell design and thick
oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and manu-
facturability compared with alternate approaches. The
SST49LF00xA devices significantly improve performance
and reliability, while lowering power consumption. The
SST49LF00xA devices write (Program or Erase) with a
single 3.0-3.6V power supply. It uses less energy during
Erase and Program than alternative flash memory tech-
nologies. The total energy consumed is a function of the
applied voltage, current and time of application. Since for
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