49LF004A PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 49LF004A
部品説明 SST49LF004A
メーカ Silicon Storage Technology
ロゴ Silicon Storage Technology ロゴ 

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49LF004A Datasheet, 49LF004A PDF,ピン配置, 機能
2 Mbit / 3 Mbit / 4 Mbit / 8 Mbit Firmware Hub
SST49LF002A / SST49LF003A / SST49LF004A / SST49LF008A
www.DataShSeSeTt449ULF.c0o02mA / 003A / 004A / 008A2 Mb / 3 Mb / 4 Mb / 8 Mb Firmware Hub for Intel 8xx Chipsets
Advance Information
• Firmware Hub for Intel 8xx Chipsets
• 2 Mbit, 3 Mbit, 4 Mbit, or 8 Mbit SuperFlash
memory array for code/data storage
– SST49LF002A: 256K x8 (2 Mbit)
– SST49LF003A: 384K x8 (3 Mbit)
– SST49LF004A: 512K x8 (4 Mbit)
– SST49LF008A: 1024K x8 (8 Mbit)
• Flexible Erase Capability
– Uniform 4 KByte Sectors
– Uniform 16 KByte overlay blocks for
– Uniform 64 KByte overlay blocks for
– Top Boot Block protection
- 16 KByte for SST49LF002A
- 64 KByte for SST49LF003A/004A/008A
– Chip-Erase for PP Mode Only
• Single 3.0-3.6V Read and Write Operations
• Superior Reliability
– Endurance:100,000 Cycles (typical)
– Greater than 100 years Data Retention
• Low Power Consumption
– Active Read Current: 6 mA (typical)
– Standby Current: 10 µA (typical)
• Fast Sector-Erase/Byte-Program Operation
– Sector-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical)
– Block-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical)
– Chip-Erase Time: 70 ms (typical)
– Byte-Program Time: 14 µs (typical)
– Chip Rewrite Time:
SST49LF002A: 4 seconds (typical)
SST49LF003A: 6 seconds (typical)
SST49LF004A: 8 seconds (typical)
SST49LF008A: 15 seconds (typical)
– Single-pulse Program or Erase
– Internal timing generation
• Two Operational Modes
– Firmware Hub Interface (FWH) Mode for
in-system operation
– Parallel Programming (PP) Mode for fast
production programming
• Firmware Hub Hardware Interface Mode
– 5-signal communication interface supporting
byte Read and Write
– 33 MHz clock frequency operation
– WP# and TBL# pins provide hardware write
protect for entire chip and/or top Boot Block
– Block Locking Register for all blocks
– Standard SDP Command Set
– Data# Polling and Toggle Bit for End-of-Write
– 5 GPI pins for system design flexibility
– 4 ID pins for multi-chip selection
• Parallel Programming (PP) Mode
– 11-pin multiplexed address and
8-pin data I/O interface
– Supports fast In-System or PROM programming
for manufacturing
• CMOS and PCI I/O Compatibility
• Packages Available
– 32-lead PLCC
– 32-lead TSOP (8mm x 14mm)
The SST49LF00xA flash memory devices are designed
to be read-compatible with the Intel 82802 Firmware Hub
(FWH) device for PC-BIOS application. It provides pro-
tection for the storage and update of code and data in
addition to adding system design flexibility through five
general purpose inputs. Two interface modes are sup-
ported by the SST49LF00xA: Firmware Hub (FWH)
Interface Mode for In-System programming and Parallel
Programming (PP) Mode for fast factory programming of
PC-BIOS applications.
The SST49LF00xA flash memory devices are manufac-
tured with SST’s proprietary, high performance Super-
Flash Technology. The split-gate cell design and thick
oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and manu-
facturability compared with alternate approaches. The
SST49LF00xA devices significantly improve performance
and reliability, while lowering power consumption. The
SST49LF00xA devices write (Program or Erase) with a
single 3.0-3.6V power supply. It uses less energy during
Erase and Program than alternative flash memory tech-
nologies. The total energy consumed is a function of the
applied voltage, current and time of application. Since for
©2001 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
S71161-06-000 9/01
The SST logo and SuperFlash are registered trademarks of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
MPF is a trademark of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
These specifications are subject to change without notice.

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There is a function of A49LF004.


There is a function of SST49LF004A.

Silicon Storage Technology
Silicon Storage Technology

There is a function of SST49LF004B.

Silicon Storage Technology
Silicon Storage Technology

There is a function of SST49LF004B.

Silicon Storage Technology
Silicon Storage Technology



The 82S126 and 82S129 are field programmable, which means that custom patterns are immediately available by following the Signetics Generic fusing procedure. 1K-bit TTL Bipolar PROM, Address access time : 50ns max.


This part is a darlington connection NPN silicon epitaxial transistor. The 2SD1695 is a Darlington connection transistor and incorporates a dumper diode between the collector and emitter and a constant voltage diode and protection elements between the collector and base. This transistor is ideal for drives in solenoid and actuators.

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