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部品番号 NVP1004
部品説明 4-Channel Video decoder
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NVP1004 Datasheet, NVP1004 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
NVP1004 is the 4-Channel Video Decoder and delivers high quality images. It accepts
www.DataShseeepta4rUat.eco4mCVBS inputs from analog video signal sources like Camera, TV, VCR and
so on. It digitizes and decodes NTSC/PAL video signal into digital components video
which represents 8-bit CCIR656 4:2:2 format with 27MHz or 54MHz multiplexed.
NVP1004 includes 4 channel analog processing circuits that comprise anti-
aliasing filter, ADC, AGC and CLAMP. It shows the best picture quality adopted
by highly performed 2D adaptive comb filter and vertical peaking filter. It also
supports programmable Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Contrast and several
functions such as CTI, Programmable peaking filter, PAL compensation, IF
compensation filter and white peak detection. This submicron CMOS device is packaged in a 100TQFP.
NVP1004 has 3 slave address pins for multi-chip applications.
4-Channel Video Decoder which accepts 4 CVBS
Output in CCIR656 4:2:2 format with 27MHz or 54MHz
On Chip Analog CLAMP/AGC and Anti-aliasing Filter
Accepts NTSC-M/J/4.43, PAL-M/N/B/D/G/H/I/60
High-performance 3H/5H 2D adaptive comb filter
Robust Sync detection for weak and non-standard signal
Vertical Peaking filter
Programmable brightness, contrast, saturation and hue
White Peak Detection & Peak AGC
CTI (Chrominance Transient Improvement)
Programmable peaking filter for Luminance
Color compensation for PAL
IF compensation filter
Robust No-video detection
Motion Detection
Low Power Consumption
100TQFP, 3.3V I/O, 1.8V Core power supply
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4-Channel Video decoder

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