ET1011 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 ET1011
部品説明 A gigabit Ethemet transceiver
メーカ Agere Systems
ロゴ Agere Systems ロゴ 

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ET1011 Datasheet, ET1011 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Preliminary Data Sheet
April 2004
TruePHY ET1011
Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
10Base-T, 100Base-TX, and 1000Base-T
gigabit Ethernet transceiver:
— 0.13 µm process — 128-pin TQFP:
RGMII, GMII, MII, RTBI, and TBI interfaces to
MAC or switch
— 68-pin MLCC:
RGMII and RTBI interfaces to MAC or switch
Low power consumption:
— Less than 750 mW in 1000Base-T mode
— Advanced power management
— ACPI compliant wake-on-LAN support
Oversampling architecture to improve signal integ-
rity and SNR
Optimized, extended performance echo and NEXT
All digital baseline wander correction
Digital PGA control
On-chip diagnostic support
Automatic speed negotiation
Automatic speed downshift
Single supply 3.3 V or 2.5 V operation:
— On-chip regulator controllers
— 3.3 V or 2.5 V digital I/O
— 1.0 V core power supplies
— 1.8 V or 2.5 V for transformer center tap
Agere Systems ET1011 is a gigabit Ethernet trans-
ceiver fabricated on a single CMOS chip. Packaged
in either a 128-pin TQFP or a 68-pin MLCC, the
ET1011 is built on 0.13 µm technology for low power
consumption and application in server and desktop
NIC cards. It features single power supply operation
using on-chip regulator controllers. The 10/100/
1000Base-T device is fully compliant with IEEE®
802.3, 802.3u, and 802.3ab standards.
The ET1011 uses an oversampling architecture to
gather more signal energy from the communication
channel than possible with traditional architectures.
The additional signal energy or analog complexity
transfers into the digital domain. The result is an ana-
log front end that delivers robust operation, reduced
cost, and lower power consumption than traditional
Using oversampling has allowed for the implementa-
tion of a fractionally spaced equalizer, which provides
better equalization and has greater immunity to tim-
ing jitter, resulting in better signal-to-noise ratio
(SNR) and thus improved BER. In addition,
advanced timing algorithms are used to enable oper-
ation over a wider range of cabling plants.

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A gigabit Ethemet transceiver

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