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部品番号 E8870IO
部品説明 Intel E8870IO Server I/o Hub
メーカ Intel Corporation
ロゴ Intel Corporation ロゴ 

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E8870IO Datasheet, E8870IO PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Intel® E8870IO Server I/O Hub (SIOH)
Product Features
s Scalability Port (SP):
— Two SPs with 3.2 GB/s peak bandwidth
per direction per SP.
— Bi-directional SPs for a total bandwidth
of 12.8 GB/s.
s Four Hub Interface 2.0 Ports:
— For connecting to Intel® 82870P2 PCI/
PCI-X 64-bit Hub 2 (P64H2).
16-bit, 533 MHz interface.
1 GB/s peak data rate.
s One Hub Interface 1.5 Port:
For connecting to Intel® 82801DB.
Legacy I/O Controller Hub 4 (ICH4).
8-bit, 266 MHz interface.
266 MB/s peak data rate.
s Supports peer-to-peer write traffic between
Hub Interface Ports.
s Dedicated read cache for each Hub
Interface Port:
32 128-byte cache lines.
Dedicated prefetch engines for Hub
Interface 2.0 ports.
s Supports caching of frequently used and
prefetched data residing in main memory.
s 64-line write cache.
s Aggressive prefetching algorithm
optimized for PCI-X functionality
supported by the 82870P2 component:
Utilizing enhanced features such as
read-streaming, and prefetch horizon.
s Supports multiple unordered inbound
traffic streams:
Two unordered streams per Hub
Interface 2.0 port.
One stream for the Hub Interface 1.5
s System Management Bus (SMBus) 2.0
slave interface for server management with
Packet Error Checking.
s Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
Sideband access to configuration
registers via SMBus SMBus or JTAG.
End-to-end ECC for all interfaces.
Fault detection and logging.
Signal connectivity testing via.
boundary scan.
s Packaging:
42.5 mm x 42.5 mm
1012-pin organic LAN grid array
(OLGA) package-2B.
Document Number: 251111-001
August 2002

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Intel E8870IO Server I/o Hub

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