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部品番号 U6101B
部品説明 IF System and I/Q Demodulator
メーカ TEMIC Semiconductors
ロゴ TEMIC Semiconductors ロゴ 

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U6101B Datasheet, U6101B PDF,ピン配置, 機能
IF System and I/Q Demodulator for Digital Satellite
TV Transmissions
The U6101B is a monolithic integrated circuit in
TEMIC’s UHF 5 technology for Satellite Digital Video
Broadcasting (DVBS) and other digital direct satellite
service applications. The circuit operates in a wide
frequency range and in a large input level range.
Implemented are two orthogonal mixer stages (precise
phase-matched by a control loop), a gain-controlled IF
amplifier of high input sensitivity with two switchable
isolated inputs, and an AGC-system for tuner and IF level
control. Alternatively the output level may be controlled
automatically, e.g., via the channel decoder AGC signal
The local oscillator operates at IF input frequency. The
oscillator signal is internally doubled and divided again
to generate the orthogonal mixer driving signals.
D Frequency range from 390 to 520 MHz
D Two unbalanced switchable inputs
D High I/Q phase accuracy, based on TEMIC’s patented
0°/90° control loop circuit
D Input impedance 50 , gain independent
D High input sensitivity
D AGC control range –35 dB
D Internal AGC detector
D Additionally external gain control and output level
setting possible
D Two switchable IF-inputs to connect a combined
SAW filter
D Oscillator for SAW or LC tank circuit
D Adjustable tuner AGC control
D Low impedance output driver
D Balanced prescaler output
D Output signal level adjustable or fixed at typical or
minimum data sheet value by pin programming
D Low power consumption, 5-V supply voltage
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TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors
Rev. A1, 14-May-97
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IF System and I/Q Demodulator

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