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部品番号 ISL6210
部品説明 Dual Synchronous Rectified MOSFET Drivers
メーカ Intersil Corporation
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ISL6210 Datasheet, ISL6210 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Data Sheet
November 28, 2006
Dual Synchronous Rectified MOSFET
The ISL6210 integrates two ISL6208A drivers and is
optimized to drive two independent power channels in a
synchronous-rectified buck converter topology. These
drivers combined with an Intersil ISL62xx multiphase PWM
controller forms a complete single-stage core-voltage
regulator solution with high efficiency performance at high
switching frequency for advanced microprocessors.
The IC is biased by a single low voltage supply (5V),
minimizing driver switching losses in high MOSFET gate
capacitance and high switching frequency applications.
Each driver is capable of driving a 3nF load with less than
10ns rise/fall time. Bootstrapping of the upper gate driver is
implemented via an internal low forward drop diode,
reducing implementation cost, complexity, and allowing the
use of higher performance, cost effective N-Channel
MOSFETs. Adaptive shoot-through protection is integrated
to prevent both MOSFETs from conducting simultaneously.
The ISL6210 features 4A typical sink current for the lower
gate driver, enhancing the lower MOSFET gate hold-down
capability during PHASE node rising edge, preventing power
loss caused by the self turn-on of the lower MOSFET due to
the high dV/dt of the switching node.
The ISL6210 also features an input that recognizes a high-
impedance state, working together with Intersil multiphase
PWM controllers to prevent negative transients on the
controlled output voltage when operation is suspended. This
feature eliminates the need for the schottky diode that may
be utilized in a power system to protect the load from
negative output voltage damage.
Ordering Information
(Pb-Free) DWG. #
ISL6210CRZ 62 10CRZ -10 to +100 16 Ld 4x4 QFN L16.4x4
ISL6210CRZ-T 62 10CRZ -10 to +100 16 Ld 4x4 QFN L16.4x4
NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products employ special Pb-free
material sets; molding compounds/die attach materials and 100%
matte tin plate termination finish, which are RoHS compliant and
compatible with both SnPb and Pb-free soldering operations. Intersil
Pb-free products are MSL classified at Pb-free peak reflow
temperatures that meet or exceed the Pb-free requirements of
• 5V Quad N-Channel MOSFET Drives for Two
Synchronous Rectified Bridges
• Adaptive Shoot-Through Protection
- Active Gate Threshold Monitoring
- Programmable Dead-Time
• 0.4Ω On-Resistance and 4A Sink Current Capability
• Supports High Switching Frequency
- Fast Output Rise and Fall
- Ultra Low Three-State Hold-Off Time (20ns)
• Low VF Internal Bootstrap Diode
• Low Bias Supply Current
• Power-On Reset
• QFN Package
- Compliant to JEDEC PUB95 MO-220 QFN-Quad Flat
No Leads-Product Outline
- Near Chip-Scale Package Footprint; Improves PCB
Efficiency and Thinner in Profile
• Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)
• Core Voltage Supplies for Intel® and AMD®
• High Frequency Low Profile High Efficiency DC/DC
• High Current Low Voltage DC/DC Converters
• Synchronous Rectification for Isolated Power Supplies
Related Literature
• Technical Brief TB363 “Guidelines for Handling and
Processing Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount Devices
• Technical Brief 400 and Technical Brief 417 for Power
Train Design, Layout Guidelines, and Feedback
Compensation Design
• Technical Brief 447 “Guidelines for Preventing Boot-to-
Phase Stress on Half-Bridge MOSFET Driver ICs”
CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures.
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Copyright Intersil Americas Inc. 2006. All Rights Reserved. Intel® is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
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