IRMCK201 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 IRMCK201
部品説明 High Performance Configurable Digital AC Servo Control IC
メーカ International Rectifier
ロゴ International Rectifier ロゴ 

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IRMCK201 Datasheet, IRMCK201 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Data Sheet No. PD60224 Rev.B
High Performance Configurable Digital AC
Servo Control IC
Product Summary
Complete closed loop current control
Max. Clock Input (Sysclk)
(Synchronously Rotating Frame Field Orientation)
Versatile Space Vector PWM
Max. PLL clock for current feedback
33.3 MHz
133.3 MHz
Direct interface to IR2175 current sensing high
voltage IC
Direct Encoder interface with multiplexed/non-
Closed loop current control computation time 6 µsec max
Closed loop current loop bandwidth (-3 dB)
5.5 kHz
multiplexed Hall A/B/C signals
Direct interface to IR213x 3-phase gate driver IC
Closed loop velocity control
Closed loop velocity loop update rate
PWM carrier frequency
5 / 10 kHz
83.3 kHz max
Configurable architecture
PWM counter resolution
12 bit
o Supports AC PM motor or Induction motor
o Closed loop or open loop control
Current feedback temp drift/offset
Asynchronous serial communication interface
Max SPI clock
8 MHz
(RS232C, RS422)
Fast SPI interface
Package: QFP100
4 channel 12-bit A/D interface with simultaneous
8-bit parallel bus interface for microcontroller
expansion (supports most 8-bit microprocessors)
Integrated brake IGBT control
ServoDesignerTM (Configuration Tool) available
IRMCK201 is a complete AC servo motor control IC. It contains closed loop current control for sinusoidal AC current, and
closed loop velocity control based on encoder position feedback interface. A standard communication port is provided for
RS232C or RS422, in addition to a fast SPI communication interface. Unlike a traditional DSP or a microcontroller, the
IRMCK201 does not require any programming effort to complete the complex control algorithm. It allows users to configure
the algorithm for specific application needs. Permanent magnet motor or AC induction motor are supported. IRMCK201
facilitates high performance servo design together with the IR2175 current sensing IC and IR213x high voltage 3-phase gate
driver IC, which simplifies the hardware design while minimizing cost. For multi-axis applications, IRMCK201 can be used
as a multi-drop slave drive based on the SPI protocol. The package is available in a 100-pin QFP.

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High Performance Configurable Digital AC Servo Control IC

International Rectifier
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High Performance Sensorless Motion Control IC

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