HCD66740 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 HCD66740
部品説明 112 x 80-dot Graphics LCD Controller/Driver
メーカ Hitachi Semiconductor
ロゴ Hitachi Semiconductor ロゴ 

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HCD66740 Datasheet, HCD66740 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
(112 x 80-dot Graphics LCD Controller/Driver)
Rev 1.0
August, 2001
The HD66740, 112-by-80 dot-matrix graphics LCD controller and driver LSI, displays graphics such as
text, kanji and pictograms. It can be configured to drive a dot-matrix liquid crystal under the control of the
microprocessor connected via the clock-synchronized serial or 4/8-bit bus. The HD66740 has a smooth
vertical scroll display and a double-height display for the remaining bit map areas. It fixed-displays a part
of the graphics icons so that the user can easily see a variety of information.
The HD66740 has various functions to reduce the power consumption of an LCD system such as low-
voltage operation of 1.8 V min., a booster to generate maximum five-times LCD drive voltage from the
supplied voltage, and voltage-followers to decrease the direct current flow in the LCD drive bleeder-
resistors. Combining these hardware functions with software functions such as standby and sleep modes
allows fine power control. The HD66740 is suitable for any portable battery-driven product requiring
long-term driving capabilities such as cellular phones, pagers, or electronic wallets.
Control and drive of a graphics LCD
112 x 80-dot display
Fixed display of graphics icons (pictograms)
Low-power operation support:
Vcc = 1.8 to 3.6 V (low voltage)
VLCD = 4.5 to 15.0 V (liquid crystal drive voltage)
Triple, quadruple, or five-times booster for liquid crystal drive voltage
64-step contrast adjuster and voltage followers to decrease direct current flow in the LCD drive
Power-save functions such as the standby mode and sleep mode supported
Programmable drive duty ratios and bias values displayed on LCD
High-speed clock-synchronized serial interface (serial transfer rate: 5 MHz max.)
I2C bus interface
High-speed 4-/8-bit bus interface capability
112-segment × 80-common liquid crystal display driver
1,120-byte (112 × 80 dots) character generator RAM

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112 x 80-dot Graphics LCD Controller/Driver

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