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部品番号 NT2903
部品説明 Single Chip FM Transceiver
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NT2903 Datasheet, NT2903 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
CHIP-CEIVERTM - Single Chip FM Transceiver
902 - 928 MHz
Direct-Conversion, Zero-IF, Architecture
Wide Bandwidth FM Transceiver
Suitable for FM/FSK Modulation
Dual, On-Chip PLL Synthesizers/VCOs
3-wire serial interface
System Noise Figure 4.7 dB (typ.)*
2.7 - 3.3V Operation / Standby Mode
No Tune "Tankless" Detector
RF Output +1.5 dBm
Low Cost, Thin-Quad Flat Package, (TQFP-48)
Analog/Digital "900 MHz" Cordless Phones
Telemetry/Data Radios
Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)
ISM Band (900 MHz) Wireless Products
The NT2903 CHIP-CEIVERTM is a complete, single chip, FM transceiver solution, which will
operate in any 24 MHz band from 800-1000 MHz, including the Industrial Scientific Medical
(ISM) band (902-928 MHz). Utilizing a unique direct-conversion, zero-intermediate frequency
(zero-IF) receiver architecture, the NT2903 CHIP-CEIVERTM provides radio designers with a
"simple" RF path design solution. The device is fabricated as a monolithic, BiCMOS, integrated
circuit. The device's receiver section provides all of the required RF synthesis, filtering, gain
control, AFC, and demodulation functions. The transmitter section contains a directly modulated
VCO and RF power amplifier (PA). Internal, dual, high-performance phase locked loop (PLL)
synthesizers/VCOs allow full-duplex Tx/Rx operation over the entire RF tuning range. Tuning,
power management, and gain control functions are accomplished via a 3-wire serial interface.
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