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部品番号 NVP3000
部品説明 ASIC Solution for 1-channel DVR application using HDD
メーカ ETC
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NVP3000 Datasheet, NVP3000 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
NVP3000 is an ASIC solution to fit for 1-Channel DVR application.
It integrates pre/post processor, M-JPEG CODEC, hard-disk controller, and
key/jog-shuttle interface.
In addition, it supports time-laps recording mode with flexible image
compression rate to save disk usage, watermark encoding, and easy
interface to most video multiplexer and CIF application.
Therefore, it provides cost-effective solution for real-time full duplex
video/audio record and play back system.
At play back mode, search, fast-forward, rewind, and pause functions
are supported.
NVP3000 also includes internal buffer to communicate with
external CPU for network application, and it supports HDD user
accessible area as well as extra pins for key and jog-shuttle interface.
Horizontal scaling (720/640/360/320 pixels)
Video input/output : CCIR656 4:2:2 format CIF or field switching)
Watermark encoding
Pre-alarm recording
NVC1XXX series interface compatible
Time-laps mode recording
Audio input/output : 1-CH mono 64-Kbit/sec
Quality control
Embedded IDE controller
Built-in Motion Detector
(real-time full duplex record/play back function)
Play back path
Direct SDRAM/HDD interface
Direct key(6x6) and jog-shuttle interface
Host interface (Intel CPU type interface)
208 QFPH
Simple play back command
Simple search command (time/event search)
FF/REW/PAUSE operation
Watermark decoding
Record path
Index encoding for MUX play back function
Index decoding for MUX input signal
Audio/video synchronization
YUV 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 mode recording
Digital 2X zoom
Graphic OSD
Block diagram

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ASIC Solution for 1-channel DVR application using HDD

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