Datasheet EDC100 PDF ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 EDC100
部品説明 External Digital Controller
メーカ DOLI
ロゴ DOLI ロゴ 
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EDC100 Datasheet, EDC100 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
External Digital Controller EDC100
EDC100 on top of a DDA04 (500W) /05 (1000W) power amplifier. All electronics you need for a
e.g. up to 100 kN testing instrument
EDC100 System Overview:
The EDC100 electronics from DOLI is a powerful and cost effective system which is designed especially for
testing instruments. Considering its power and possibilities, the EDC100 is settled above the EDC5/25 electronics
from DOLI. The unit distinguishes itself the high load- resolution with ±100.000 steps, the bus-system for an
extension up to eight option boards and the high CPU capacity for fast Controller calculations.
The electronics fits for:
screw instruments with a specially adapted DOLI power amplifier for motors of
90 Watt, 500, 1000 and 2200 Watt.
screw instruments with more power are driven by an ±10 Volt output as well as the necessary control-
signals to drive an external power amplifier.
hydraulic instruments, which are driven by a proportional- or servo-valve.
The EDC100 electronics can be driven with or without a PC. The casing box version has a local display and
function keys for input and to move the instrument. A printer or a PC can be connected optionally.
Zentrale, Verwaltung, Entwicklung:
DOLI Elektronik GMBH DOLI Elektronik GMBH
Fraunhoferstrasse 23h Postfach 14 02 40
D-80469 München
D-80452 München
Tel. 089-20 243-0
Fx. 089-20 243 243
DOLI Elektronik GMBH
Mühlstraße 26
D-55271 Stadecken-Elsheim
Tel. 06130-944 250
Fx. 06130-944 251
DOLI Elektronik GMBH
Ulmer Straße 34
D-89584 Ehingen
Tel. 07391-34 21
Fx. 07391-56 80
Deutsche Bank München
BLZ 700 700 10, Kto 307 52 07
Münchner Bank eG
Geschäftsführende Gesellschafter:
BLZ 701 900 00, Kto 20540 Ernst Ams, Michael Grupp
HRB München 5 24 56
Klaus Böck, Rolf Grupp
Ust-ID-Nr. DE 129 329 359
Hermann Schabel, Harald Schmid

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EDC100 pdf, ピン配列
External Digital Controller EDC100, Page 3
Possible System Versions:
EDC100 as standalone system:
Display, keys and printer are served from the EDC100. A basic data analysing program is on board. User
programs are available for:
„Soft Materials“, such as rubber, plastic, food etc.
„Hard Materials“, such as metal, plastics etc.
„Concrete materials“ as used in the building testing environment.
EDC100 the Interface to the PC:
The system is served completely by the PC. Display and
function keys are still active at the EDC100. The printer is
connected to the PC.
In case of a service, the second serial interface is used for
communication. The field-service is able to talk to the EDC100
e.g. via a Notebook PC. An EPROM change as in former days
is not necessary. A communication with a directly connected
PC and a modem is imaginable.
EED10051.DOC; 21.02.2001


EDC100 電子部品, 半導体
External Digital Controller EDC100, Page 6
80386EX CPU 25 MHz
Flash EPROM 256k x 16 with Boot-Block
CMOS RAM 128k x 16
2 KB EEPROM to store machine data
Serial Interface RS232:
COM1: for PC with FIFO max. Baud rate 115 KB
Break recognition and Reset
COM2: Debug Interface 9600 Baud
X-Head travel:
incremental rectangle input with control of ’transducer present’ for X-Head travel.
NOVRAM to store X-Head position.
Extension-Bus I4:
8 connectors for systems extensions.
The first connector is occupied by the load channel.
Load measurement:
The load measurement channel is a module (4ETF) on the I4-Bus. This 4ETF is a carrier frequency
amplifier especially for strain gauge and inductive transducers (LVDT). The module also allows DC- signal
input. The A/D-converter works on voltage/frequency-transformation and is, therefore, integrating.
Amplifier and Supply
Carrier frequency
Supply voltage adjustable via software (in Veff)
Transducer sensitivity adjustable via software
Internal resistance transducer
Source resistance signal source (CF operation)
Source resistance external reference (CF operation)
DC input adjustable via software
Input resistance (DC measurement)
Common mode range
Common mode suppression
(Input amplification.: x3.1; x34.6; x387)
Resolution at 20 ms integration time
at 250 ms integration time
EED10051.DOC; 21.02.2001
5 kHz Sinusoidal
1.1 - 2.5 - 5.5 Volt
1.16 - 1625 mV / V
1.1 k
1.1 k
± 5.8 mV - ± 1.625 V
> 15 M
± 6.5 V
80dB, 95dB, 105dB
Bessel Filter 3. degree 100 Hz
U/f Converter
± 140,000 parts
± 1,770,000 parts
± 400,000 parts reproducible

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There is a function of External Digital Controller.




The 82S126 and 82S129 are field programmable, which means that custom patterns are immediately available by following the Signetics Generic fusing procedure. 1K-bit TTL Bipolar PROM, Address access time : 50ns max.


This part is a darlington connection NPN silicon epitaxial transistor. The 2SD1695 is a Darlington connection transistor and incorporates a dumper diode between the collector and emitter and a constant voltage diode and protection elements between the collector and base. This transistor is ideal for drives in solenoid and actuators.


N-Channel Power Trench, 80V, 80A, 4.5mΩ.


Here is a Color TV Horizontal Driver, Vceo=300V, TO-126 Package.

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