EDC100 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 EDC100
部品説明 External Digital Controller
メーカ DOLI
ロゴ DOLI ロゴ 

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EDC100 Datasheet, EDC100 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
External Digital Controller EDC100
EDC100 on top of a DDA04 (500W) /05 (1000W) power amplifier. All electronics you need for a
e.g. up to 100 kN testing instrument
EDC100 System Overview:
The EDC100 electronics from DOLI is a powerful and cost effective system which is designed especially for
testing instruments. Considering its power and possibilities, the EDC100 is settled above the EDC5/25 electronics
from DOLI. The unit distinguishes itself the high load- resolution with ±100.000 steps, the bus-system for an
extension up to eight option boards and the high CPU capacity for fast Controller calculations.
The electronics fits for:
screw instruments with a specially adapted DOLI power amplifier for motors of
90 Watt, 500, 1000 and 2200 Watt.
screw instruments with more power are driven by an ±10 Volt output as well as the necessary control-
signals to drive an external power amplifier.
hydraulic instruments, which are driven by a proportional- or servo-valve.
The EDC100 electronics can be driven with or without a PC. The casing box version has a local display and
function keys for input and to move the instrument. A printer or a PC can be connected optionally.
Zentrale, Verwaltung, Entwicklung:
DOLI Elektronik GMBH DOLI Elektronik GMBH
Fraunhoferstrasse 23h Postfach 14 02 40
D-80469 München
D-80452 München
Tel. 089-20 243-0
Fx. 089-20 243 243
DOLI Elektronik GMBH
Mühlstraße 26
D-55271 Stadecken-Elsheim
Tel. 06130-944 250
Fx. 06130-944 251
DOLI Elektronik GMBH
Ulmer Straße 34
D-89584 Ehingen
Tel. 07391-34 21
Fx. 07391-56 80
Deutsche Bank München
BLZ 700 700 10, Kto 307 52 07
Münchner Bank eG
Geschäftsführende Gesellschafter:
BLZ 701 900 00, Kto 20540 Ernst Ams, Michael Grupp
HRB München 5 24 56
Klaus Böck, Rolf Grupp
Ust-ID-Nr. DE 129 329 359
Hermann Schabel, Harald Schmid

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External Digital Controller

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