404344RF PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 404344RF
部品説明 HD404344
メーカ Hitachi
ロゴ Hitachi ロゴ 

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404344RF Datasheet, 404344RF PDF,ピン配置, 機能
HD404344R Series/HD404394 Series
Rev. 7.0
Sept. 1999
The HD404344R series and HD404394 series 4-bit microcomputers are products of the HMCS400 series,
which is designed to make application systems compact while realizing higher performance and increasing
program productivity.
Each microcomputer has an A/D converter, two timers and a serial interface. The HD404344R series
includes the HD404344R with on-chip 4-kword ROM, HD404342R with 2-kword ROM, and HD404341R
with 1-kword ROM. The HD404394 series includes the HD404394 with on-chip 4-kword ROM,
HD404392 with 2-kword ROM, and HD404391 with 1-kword ROM.
The HD4074344 and HD4074394 are the PROM version ZTATmicrocomputers. Programs can be
written to the PROM by a PROM writer, which can dramatically shorten system development periods and
smooth the process from debugging to mass production. (The PROM program specifications are the same
as for the 27256.)
ZTAT: Zero Turn Around Time ZTAT is a Trademark of Hitachi Ltd.
Input/output pins
HD404344R series, HD4074344: 22 pins
(10pins: Large-current I/O pins)
HD404394 series: 21 pins
(3 pins: intermediate-voltage NMOS open drain I/O; 5 pins: NMOS open drain I/O with 15-mA
high-current driver)
Two timer/counters
One timer output
One event counter input (with programmable edge detection)
8-bit clock-synchronous serial interface (1 channel)
On-chip A/D converter
HD404344R series, HD4074344: 8 bit × 4 channel
HD404394 series: 8 bit × 3 channel (with Vref pin)
Built-in oscillator

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