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部品番号 HCPL7510
部品説明 Isolated Linear Sensing IC
メーカ Agilent Technologies
ロゴ Agilent Technologies ロゴ 

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HCPL7510 Datasheet, HCPL7510 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Agilent HCPL-7510
Isolated Linear Sensing IC
Data Sheet
The HCPL-7510 isolated linear
current sensing IC family is
designed for current sensing in
low-power electronic motor
drives. In a typical
implementation, motor current
flows through an external
resistor and the resulting
analog voltage drop is sensed
by the HCPL-7510. An output
voltage is created on the other
side of the HCPL-7510 optical
isolation barrier. This single-
ended output voltage is
proportional to the motor
current. Since common-mode
voltage swings of several
hundred volts in tens of
nanoseconds are common in
modern switching inverter
motor drives, the HCPL-7510
was designed to ignore very
high common-mode transient
slew rates (of at least 10 kV/
The high CMR capability of the
HCPL-7510 isolation amplifier
provides the precision and
stability needed to accurately
monitor motor current in high
noise motor control environ-
ments, providing for smoother
control (less “torque ripple”)
in various types of motor
control applications.
Functional Diagram
VDD1 1
8 VDD2
VIN+ 2
VIN– 3
+ 7 VOUT
– 6 VREF
GND1 4
5 GND2
The product can also be used
for general analog signal
isolation applications. For
general applications, we
recommend the HCPL-7510
(gain tolerance of ±5%). The
HCPL-7510 utilizes sigma delta
(S-D) analog-to-digital
converter technology to
delivery offset and gain
accuracy and stability over
time and temperature. This
performance is delivered in a
compact, auto-insert, 8-pin
DIP package that meets world-
wide regulatory safety
standards. (A gull-wing
surface mount option #300 is
also available).
• 15 kV/µs common-mode rejection
at Vcm = 1000 V
• Compact, auto-insertable 8-pin
DIP package
• 60 ppm/°C gain drift vs.
• –0.6 mV input offset voltage
• 8 µV/°C input offset voltage vs.
• 100 kHz bandwidth
• 0.06% nonlinearity, single-ended
amplifier output for low power
• Worldwide safety approval:
UL 1577 (3750 Vrms/1 min.), CSA
and IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2
(Option 060 only)
• Advanced sigma-delta (Σ-)
A/D converter technology
• Low-power inverter current
• Motor phase and rail current
• Switched mode power supply
signal isolation
• General purpose low-power
current sensing and monitoring
• General purpose analog signal
wwCwA.DUTaItOaNS:hIteiest4adUv.icsoedmthat normal static precautions be taken in handling and assembly of
this component to prevent damage and /or degradation which may be induced by ESD.

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