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部品番号 HCD667B70
部品説明 396-Channel Source Driver
メーカ Hitachi
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HCD667B70 Datasheet, HCD667B70 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Rev.1.1 / April 2002
396-channel Source Driver with Internal RAM for TFT 65536-color Displays
mApril 2002
UThe HD66770, 396-channel source driver LSI, displays 132RGB-by-176 dot graphics on TFT displays
t4in 65,536 colors. It is for driving TFT color LCD displays to a maximum of 132RGB by 176 dots, in
combination with the gate driver, HD66771 and Power supply IC, HD667P00. The HD66770’s bit-
eoperation functions, 16-bit high-speed bus interface, and high-speed RAM-write functions enable
efficient data transfer and high-speed rewriting of data to the graphics RAM.
heThe HD66770, HD66771 and HD667P00 have various functions for reducing the power consumption of
a LCD system. HD66770 has a low-voltage operation (1.8 V min.) and an internal RAM to display a
Smaximum of 132RGB-by-176 dot color, and the HD66771 has 288 pins of TFT gate wiring driver
circuit. Also, HD667P00 has the internal booster that generates the liquid crystal voltage, breeder
taresistance and the voltage follower circuit for liquid crystal driver. HD66770 incorporates a circuit that
interfaces with the HD66771/HD667P00, it can set instructions for HD66771/HD667P00. In addition,
aprecise power control can be achieved by combining these hardware functions with software functions,
such as an 8-color display and standby and sleep mode. This LSI is suitable for any medium-sized or
.Dsmall portable battery-driven product requiring long-term driving capabilities, such as digital cellular
phones supporting a WWW browser, bi-directional pagers, and small PDAs.
w132RGB x 176-dot graphics display LCD controller/driver for 65,536 TFT colors (when
wHD66771/HD667P00 are used)
16-/8-bit high-speed bus interface and serial peripheral interface (SPI)
High-speed burst-RAM write function
Writing to a window-RAM address area by using a window-address function
Bit-operation functions for graphics processing:
Write-data mask function in bit units
Logical operation in pixel unit and conditional write function
Various color-display control functions:
65,536 colors can be displayed at the same time (gamma adjust included)
Vertical scroll display function in raster-row units

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