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部品番号 HCPL090J
部品説明 (HCPL-09xx) High Speed Digital Isolators
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HCPL090J Datasheet, HCPL090J PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Agilent HCPL-9000/-0900, -9030/-0930,
HCPL-9031/-0931, -900J/-090J,
HCPL-901J/-091J, -902J/-092J
High Speed Digital Isolators
Data Sheet
The HCPL-90xx and HCPL-09xx
CMOS digital isolators feature
high speed performance and
excellent transient immunity
specifications. The symmetric
magnetic coupling barrier gives
these devices a typical pulse
width distortion of 2 ns, a typical
propagation delay skew of 4 ns
and 100 Mbaud data rate, making
them the industrys fastest
digital isolators.
The single channel digital isola-
tors (HCPL-9000/-0900) features
an active-low logic output enable.
The dual channel digital isolators
are configured as unidirectional
(HCPL-9030/-0930) and bi-
directional (HCPL-9031/-0931),
operating in full duplex mode
making it ideal for digital
fieldbus applications.
The quad channel digital isola-
tors are configured as unidirec-
tional (HCPL-900J/-090J), two
channels in one direction and
two channels in opposite direc-
tion (HCPL-901J/-091J), and one
channel in one direction and
three channels in opposite
direction (HCPL-902J/-092J).
These high channel density make
them ideally suited to isolating
data conversion devices, parallel
buses and peripheral interfaces.
They are available in 8-pin PDIP,
8-pin Gull Wing, 8-pin SOIC
packages, and 16pin SOIC
narrow-body and wide-body
packages. They are specified over
the temperature range of -40° C
to +100° C.
CAUTION: It is advised that
normal static precautions be
taken in handling and assembly
of this component to prevent
damage and/or degradation,
which may be induced by ESD.
• +3.3V and +5V TTL/CMOS
• 3 ns max. pulse width distortion
• 6 ns max. propagation delay skew
• 15 ns max. propagation delay
• High speed: 100 MBd
• 15 kV/µs min. common mode
• Tri-state output
• 2500 V RMS isolation
• UL1577 and IEC 61010-1 approved
• Digital fieldbus isolation
• Multiplexed data transmission
• Computer peripheral interface
• High speed digital systems
• Isolated data interfaces
• Logic level shifting

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(HCPL-09xx) High Speed Digital Isolators


(HCPL-09xx) High Speed Digital Isolators

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