82M98A PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 82M98A
部品説明 3D USB+PS2 Mouse
メーカ Holtek Semiconductor Inc
ロゴ Holtek Semiconductor Inc ロゴ 

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82M98A Datasheet, 82M98A PDF,ピン配置, 機能
3D USB+PS2 Mouse
· Complete Universal Serial Bus specs V1.0
· Serial Bus Interface Engine (SIE)
· USB transceiver
· Microsoft 3D Intelli mouse and IBM PS/2
mouse compatible
· Supports three buttons (R, M, L) and three
axes (X, Y, Z) input
· Z axis can support two kinds of scroller in-
put (optomechanical and mechanical)
General Description
HT82M98A is a 3D mouse controller especially
designed for USB and PS/2 applications. The
HT82M98A can support the USB Standard Re-
quest as well as HID Class Request version 1.0
draft 4. It is compatible with Microsoft Intelli
3D PS/2 mouse. The X/Y axis photo input with
built-in Holtek¢s special dynamic photo-input
resistor and Z axis can support two kinds of
· Single chip solution especially for USB
mouse function
· Halt function and wake-up feature reduce
power consumption
· Plug and Play functions
· Minimal external components
· 6MHz crystal oscillator for system clock
· 18-pin DIP package
scroller input, namely; optomechanical and
mechanical. It requires minimal external com-
ponents to implement 3D USB plus PS/2
mouse. It can be briefly described as a Holtek
8-bit mC with an on-chip USB interface logic.
The USB is specified by the Universal Serial
Bus Specification V1.0.
1 June 14, 2000

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3D USB+PS2 Mouse

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