517-93-391-18-101-111 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 517-93-391-18-101-111
部品説明 Pin grid array sockets and carrier with interstitial contact rows Solder tail
メーカ Precid-Dip Durtal SA
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517-93-391-18-101-111 Datasheet, 517-93-391-18-101-111 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Platings Sleeve
91 5 µm Sn
93 5 µm Sn
97 5 µm Sn
Clip Pin
0.25 µm Au
0.75 µm Au
Series 517 / 614
Pin grid array sockets and carrier
with interstitial contact rows
Solder tail
Pin grid array sockets with interstitial contact rows
These sockets of a very compact design have interstitial contact
rows with a staggered contact arrangement and row distances
of 1.27 mm. Their contact density is nearly double as compared
to PGAs based on a standard 2.54 mm grid pattern
They are equipped with machined precision contacts with extra-
soft contact clips assuring low insertion/withdrawal forces
Insertion characteristics: 6-finger very low
Ordering information
Replace xxx-xx-xxx with number of poles, body size and
layout numbers as indicated on pages 91 and 92. For example,
a 18×18 pin configuration with 17×17 interstitial rows and
standard soldering tails becomes: 517-93-391-18-101111
For other sizes and layouts please consult
517-97-xxx-xx-xxx-111 B
PGA sockets with interstitial rows
and standard solder tails, length
3.2 mm
517-91-xxx-xx-xxx-111 B
517-93-xxx-xx-xxx-111 B
517-97-xxx-xx-xxx-111 B
614-91-xxx-xx-xxx-144 B
614-93-xxx-xx-xxx-144 B
614-97-xxx-xx-xxx-144 B
Interstitial PGA socket with
standard solder tails and 4 ele-
vating contacts located at the
corners for better soldering and
Add 50 to the fourth group of
figures in standard reference
number, e.g.
517-93-391-18-101111 becomes
PGA carrier socket with dispos-
able plastic body and carrier pins.
Low profile ultra thin contacts are
Solder terminations 0.88 mm
total length of contact 3.9 mm
Requires min. 0.9 mm holes in
B Products not available from stock. Please consult PRECI-DIP.

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Pin grid array sockets and carrier with interstitial contact rows Solder tail

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