510-99-108-12-051-001 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 510-99-108-12-051-001
部品説明 Pin grid array sockets Solder tail
メーカ Precid-Dip Durtal SA
ロゴ Precid-Dip Durtal SA ロゴ 

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510-99-108-12-051-001 Datasheet, 510-99-108-12-051-001 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Platings Sleeve
13 0.25 µm Au
91 5.0 µm Sn
93 5.0 µm Sn
97 5.0 µm Sn
99 5.0 µm Sn
Clip Pin
0.75 µm Au
0.25 µm Au
0.75 µm Au
5.0 µm Sn
Series 510 / 511 / 515
Pin grid array sockets
Solder tail
Pin grid array sockets, standard solder version
PGA sockets are high density connecting devices equipped with
machined precision contacts with soft contact clips assuring low
insertion/withdrawal forces. Over 200 standard pinouts are
available; inquiries for custom varieties are welcome
Insertion characteristics: 6-finger low, very low or ultra low force
Ordering information
Replace xxx-xx-xxx with the number of poles, body size and lay-
out numbers as indicated on pages 88 to 92. For example, a 12×12
pin configuration with window and 108 standard soldering
contacts as shown on page 88 becomes: 510-93-108-12-051-001
Machined epoxy insulator for extra sturdiness and low profile appli-
cations; solder and wire-wrap terminations only: please consult for
availability and specifications
510-13-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-93Bxxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-97Bxxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-93Cxxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-97Cxxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-13-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-91-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-93-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-97-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
510-99-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
PGA sockets with standard solder
tails, length 3.2 mm
Option: B
PGA sockets with optional stand-
offs, please consult for availability
Option: B
PGA sockets with standard solder
tail length 3.2 mm and very low
force (B) or ultra low force (C) clips
Option: B
PGA sockets with standard solder
tails, length 3.2 mm, four optional
self clinching snap-in pins, and four
optional stand-offs.
Add 70 to fourth group of figures
in standard reference number, e.g.
510-93-108-12-051-001 becomes:
511-13-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
511-91-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
511-93-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
511-97-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
511-99-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
PGA sockets with standard solder
tails, length 4.2 mm
515-13-xxx-xx-xxx-001 B
PGA sockets with low profile
contacts and solder tails of 2.8 mm
PGA sockets with ultra low profile
contacts please consult
B Products not available from stock. Please consult PRECI-DIP.

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Pin grid array sockets Solder tail

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