EX40T-C71PR PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 EX40T-C71PR
部品説明 High-Speed Differential Signal Connectors
メーカ Hirose Electric
ロゴ Hirose Electric ロゴ 

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EX40T-C71PR Datasheet, EX40T-C71PR PDF,ピン配置, 機能
High-Speed Differential Signal Connectors
EXT Series
1 Gbps Eye Pattern Waveform
(One End of Connector: 2 m of AWG #28 Twinax Cable)
01. High-Speed Differential Signals
The construction supports high-speed differential signals
such as LVDS, IEEE 1394, and USB 2.0. Use of twisted pair
cable or twinax cable permits transmission speeds up to
several hundred Mbps and higher per twisted pair.
(A) Impedance Matching
The connector is designed to minimize reflections with a
differential impedance of 100 ohms between adjacent contacts.
(B) Low Skew Construction
An equivalent electrical length is maintained between
adjacent contacts while the equivalent electrical length
between opposing terminals is approximately zero.
Consequently the skew within differential pairs as well as
between differential pairs is approximately zero.
However, a low skew between differential pairs is permitted
by going through another layer of the board.
(C) Low Crosstalk
The design features a staggered arrangement between
opposing contacts for low crosstalk effects between opposing
pairs even though these are low-profile connectors.
Differential impedance
between adjacent
contacts is 100 ohms
Adjacent contacts
02. Batch Wiring of Cables Using Solder Paste
Soldered wiring has been used as the wiring method for the
plug side composite cable, thin cable, and drain wires;
however, paste soldering permits the batch wiring of
prepared cables. (Existing soldering methods can also be
used to wire the connectors.)
03. No Shrink Tubing Required
The wiring portion of the plug side is secured by the
molding which prevents short circuits without the use of
shrink tubing. Since shrink tubing is not used, this
allows the twist back length of the twisted pair cable or
the twinax cable to be shortened, thereby permitting the
impedance of the wiring section to be kept in check.
04. Power and Signal Contacts
The 65 position connector is designed with 59 signal contacts and 6 power contacts. Each power contact is
rated for 2 Amps. The 71 position connector is supplied with signal contacts only.
05. Low-Profile Design
With the trend toward lower profiles, the receptacle is made to drop into the board, which results in a height
dimension, including the board, of 5.6mm.

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High-Speed Differential Signal Connectors

Hirose Electric
Hirose Electric

High-Speed Differential Signal Connectors

Hirose Electric
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