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部品番号 363D
部品説明 LM363 Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
メーカ National Semiconductor
ロゴ National Semiconductor ロゴ 

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363D Datasheet, 363D PDF,ピン配置, 機能
April 1991
LM363 Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
General Description
The LM363 is a monolithic true instrumentation amplifier It
requires no external parts for fixed gains of 10 100 and
1000 High precision is attained by on-chip trimming of off-
set voltage and gain A super-beta bipolar input stage gives
very low input bias current and voltage noise extremely low
offset voltage drift and high common-mode rejection ratio
A two-stage amplifier design yields an open loop gain of
10 000 000 and a gain bandwidth product of 30 MHz yet
remains stable for all closed loop gains The LM363 oper-
ates with supply voltages from g5V to g18V with only
1 5 mA current drain
The LM363’s low voltage noise low offset voltage and off-
set voltage drift make it ideal for amplifying low-level low-
impedance transducers At the same time its low bias cur-
rent and high input impedance (both common-mode and
differential) provide excellent performance at high imped-
ance levels These features along with its ultra-high com-
mon-mode rejection allow the LM363 to be used in the
most demanding instrumentation amplifier applications re-
placing expensive hybrid module or multi-chip designs Be-
cause the LM363 is internally trimmed precision external
resistors and their associated errors are eliminated
The 16-pin dual-in-line package provides pin-strappable
gains of 10 100 or 1000 Its twin differential shield drivers
eliminate bandwidth loss due to cable capacitance Com-
pensation pins allow overcompensation to reduce band-
width and output noise or to provide greater stability with
capacitive loads Separate output force sense and refer-
ence pins permit gains between 10 and 10 000 to be pro-
grammed using external resistors
On the 8-pin metal can package gain is internally set at 10
100 or 500 but may be increased with external resistors
The shield driver and offset adjust pins are omitted on the
8-pin versions
The LM363 is rated for 0 C to 70 C
Y Offset and gain pretrimmed
Y 12 nV 0Hz input noise (Ge500 1000)
Y 130 dB CMRR typical (Ge500 1000)
Y 2 nA bias current typical
Y No external parts required
Y Dual shield drivers
Y Can be used as a high performance op amp
Y Low supply current (1 5 mA typ)
Typical Connections
8-Pin Package
16-Pin Package
Ge10 2 3 4 open
Ge100 3–4 shorted
Ge1000 2–4 shorted
Connection Diagrams
Metal Can Package
TL H 5609 – 1
TL H 5609 – 33
16-Pin Dual-In-Line Package
Order Number LM363H-10
LM363H-100 or LM363H-500
See NS Package Number H08C
C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 5609
Order Number 363D
See NS Package Number D16C
TL H 5609 – 2
RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A

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Precid-Dip Durtal SA
Precid-Dip Durtal SA

PCB Header Strips Single row / double row Wire-wrap / solder tail

Precid-Dip Durtal SA
Precid-Dip Durtal SA

Very High Accuracy Instrumentation Amplifier


Very High Accuracy Instrumentation Amplifier

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