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部品番号 ISL58831
部品説明 Dual Laser Driver
メーカ Intersil
ロゴ Intersil ロゴ 

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ISL58831 Datasheet, ISL58831 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Dual Laser DriveDartawShieteht APC Amplifier and Spread
Spectrum Oscillator
The ISL58831 is a combination read + 3 write level laser driver
and IV amplifier, with an extra read + oscillator ROM channel
for use in dual-laser ‘Combo’ drivers. A separate (amplitude
and frequency) oscillator modulates the selected output for
laser noise reduction during read or write. All these functions
are provided in a 24 Ld QFN package.
The SEL1 pin, when high, selects the DVD (write) laser. Positive
current supplied to the IIN lines, through a user-selected
resistor, allow the full-scale range of each amplifier to be
matched to the full-scale range of the users control DACs.
When the write laser is selected, and the WEN pins are
switched low, the respective current is summed to the output
with 1ns rise and fall times. Write channel 2 has 240mA
output capability with an 250X gain amplifier.
The 100mAP-P (maximum) oscillator is switched on and off by
the OSCEN line. The SEL1 line allows the oscillator to operate
at different amplitudes and frequencies for each laser.
The entire chip is powered down when ENABLE is low. The user
can define the gain of the I/V amplifier. With a slew rate of
200V/µs, the I/V amplifier can normally settle to 1% within
An internal spread spectrum circuit modulates the oscillator
frequency to help reduce peak EMI.
• “Shrink-small” outline package
• Voltage-controlled output current source requiring one
external set resistor per channel
• Current-controlled output current source
• CH2 to 235mA maximum
• CH3 to 170mA maximum
• CH4 to 100mA maximum
• Rise time = 0.8ns
• Fall time = 0.8ns
• On-chip oscillator with frequency and amplitude control by
use of external resistors to ground
• Oscillator to 600MHz
• Oscillator to 100mAP-P
• Single +5V supply (±10%)
• Disable feature for power-up protection and power savings
• 200V/µs I/V amplifier
• Internal spread spectrum modulation to reduce peak EMI
• Pb-free (RoHS compliant)
• Combo CD-R + DVD-R
• DVD±RW to 8X
• Writable optical disk drives
January 28, 2016
CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures.
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