MiCS-2710 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 MiCS-2710
部品説明 NO2 Sensor
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MiCS-2710 Datasheet, MiCS-2710 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
NO2 Sensor
This datasheet describes the use of the MiCS-2710. The
package and the mode of operation illustrated in this
document target the detection of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Low heater current
Wide detection range
High sensitivity
Fast thermal response
Miniature dimensions
High resistance to shocks and vibrations
Read the following instructions carefully before using
the MiCS-2710 sensor described in this document to
avoid erroneous readings and to prevent the device
from permanent damage.
The sensor must not be wave soldered without
protection, or exposed to high concentrations of organic
solvents, ammonia, or silicone vapours, to avoid
poisoning the sensitive layer.
Heating powers above the maximum rating of 120 mW
can destroy the sensor due to overheating.
This sensor is to be placed in a filtered package that
protects it against any water or dust projection.
For any additional questions, email
or telephone +44 (0)1245 493493.
The recommended mode of operation is a constant power
mode. A heater power of PH = 43 mW is applied. This
causes the temperature of the sensing resistor (RS) to reach
about 220 °C.
Detection of the pollution gases is achieved by measuring
the sensing resistor RS during operation.
The sensor response to NO2 in air is represented in Fig. 1.
0.1 1
NO2 [ppm]
The sensor resistance RS is normalised to the resistance
under air (R0).
Fig. 1: RS/R0 as a function of gas concentration at <5%
RH and 25 °C.
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