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部品番号 5P49EE802
部品説明 Low-power Clock Generator
メーカ Integrated Device Technology
ロゴ Integrated Device Technology ロゴ 

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5P49EE802 Datasheet, 5P49EE802 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
VersaClock® Low-power Clock Generator
The 5P49EE802 is a programmable clock generator intended
for low power, battery operated consumer applications. There
are four internal PLLs, each individually programmable,
allowing for up to eight different output frequencies. The
frequencies are generated from a single reference clock. The
reference clock can come from either a TCXO or fundamental
mode crystal. An additional 32kHz crystal oscillator is
available to provide a real time clock or non-critical
performance MHz processor clock.
The 5P49EE802 can be programmed through the use of the
I2C interfaces. The programming interface enables the device
to be programmed when it is in normal operation or what is
commonly known as in system programmable. An internal
EEPROM allows the user to save and restore the
configuration of the device without having to reprogram it on
Each of the four PLLs has an 8-bit reference divider and a
11-bit feedback divider. This allows the user to generate four
unique non-integer-related frequencies. The PLL loop
bandwidth is programmable to allow the user to tailor the PLL
response to the application. For instance, the user can tune
the PLL parameters to minimize jitter generation or to
maximize jitter attenuation. Spread spectrum generation is
supported on one of the PLLs.
Spread spectrum generation is supported on one of the PLLs.
The device is specifically designed to work with display
applications to ensure that the spread profile remains
consistent for each HSYNC in order to reduce ROW noise. It
also may operate in standard spread spectrum mode.
There are total seven 8-bit output dividers. Outputs are
LVCMOS. The outputs are connected to the PLLs via the
switch matrix. The switch matrix allows the user to route the
PLL outputs to any output bank. This feature can be used to
simplify and optimize the board layout. In addition, each
output's slew rate and enable/disable function can be
Target Applications
Smart Mobile Handset
Personal Navigation Device (PND)
Portable Game Console
Personal Media Player
Four internal PLLs
Internal non-volatile EEPROM
Internal I2C EEPROM master interface
FAST (400kHz) mode I2C serial interfaces
Input Frequencies
– TCXO: 10 MHz to 40 MHz
– Crystal: 8 MHz to 30 MHz
– RTC Crystal: 32.768 kHz
Output Frequency Ranges: kHz to 120 MHz
Each PLL has an 8-bit reference divider and a 11-bit
8-bit output-divider blocks
One of the PLLs support Spread Spectrum generation
capable of configuration to pixel rate, with adjustable
modulation rate and amplitude to support video clock with
no visible artifacts
I/O Standards:
– Outputs - 1.8V/2.5V/3.3 V LVTTL/ LVCMOS
– 3 independent adjustable VDDO groups
Programmable Slew Rate Control
Programmable Loop Bandwidth Settings
Programmable output inversion to reduce bimodal jitter
Individual output enable/disable
Power-down/Sleep mode
– 10A max in power down mode
– 32kHz clock output active sleep mode
– 100A max in sleep mode
1.8V VDD Core Voltage
Available in 28 pin 4x4mm QFN packages
-40 to +85°C Industrial Temp operation
5P49EE802 REVISION P 04/01/16
©2016 Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

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